Job interview workshop



I am preparing for an interview for a product designer role with UX as an important aspect of it.

As part of the interview, I have been given the following brief (edited).

You will lead a live working session to map out what we may do to resolve a problem. We will work through your thoughts together on a whiteboard. Please don’t create any detailed outputs ahead of time - we’re really not looking for free work here!

The weakest area of the current Android and iOS apps from a UI/UX perspective is the recipient/redemption experience.
We’d like to redesign the UX/UI in this area, as it is crucial to the whole experience of our product (for both the sender and the recipient) that this is joyful for the recipient.

Your task is to figure out what we can do to craft this experience holistically, starting with a blank canvas.
To simplify the considerations, assume that we are optimising for a recipient that has never heard of ___ before.

This part of the interview lasts for an hour.

I am thinking of doing a customised user journey map and get the whole team (3 people I think) to contribute like you might in a real-world workshop.

Any other suggestions for other UX activities?


That sounds like a solid approach, Rachel.

I’m also thinking there needs to be some preliminary work to better define this user (working with the team as a group).

If the target users “haven’t heard of X,” why is that? Is this a target market outside the organizations core customers/users? And if so, why — what’s the reason for going after this new group, to whom the organization and the app are an unknown?

That’s important and has impact on your user journey, because there’s a “proving in” onboarding component that needs to be considered for new audiences. At least speaking to this tells that employer that you’re really thinking about their business strategy as well.


Nobody has heard of it as it is new. I agree with defining the user. I’ll have a think overnight before tomorrow.

Wish me luck.