Job interview - detailing the technical side of the design project

I have been sent the following interview assignment:
"Тell us about the most interesting design project you’ve accomplished.
Please send us a short write-up (1 page max) in English detailing the technical side of the project: the technologies used, the reasons why you chose those technologies, the purpose and functionality of the project, as well as any other points you find relevant. "
I do not understand what technical side I have to describe.
Can you help me!

Hi Kristina, Welcome to UX Mastery!

I’m not sure what job role the interview was for and why they asked you for this. Perhaps the potential employer wants to judge your understanding of technologies. As UX designers, it is helpful to be aware of different technologies - that’s not to say you should be able to write code. Rather, be aware of the capabilities and technical constraints of different platforms and be aware of what’s possible and what’s not possible to achieve with certain technologies.

For example, for a website, you could code it from scratch using HTML/CSS/JQuery. Or, you could use CMS such as WordPress or Wix. Each has its advantages and use cases. If you understand which technology works better in which scenario, it will also be easier to communicate with engineers and developers.

I can see in the brief that they have left it open-ended “as well as any other points you find relevant”. This might be their way of trying to gauge how you approach your work, your understanding of the technical, and perhaps even the business side of the project.

To get into the minds of hiring managers, I’d recommend reading this article on UX Planet:
Here’s what hiring managers look for in UX Design candidates

Hope this helps, and best wishes :slight_smile:

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