It's UXmas time! We're live!


We took a break last year, but this year UXmas is back!

UXmas is a digital advent calendar where we bring you daily treats from some amazing UX thought leaders (with a few surprises from the community thrown in).

Apologies to those of you that don’t celebrate Christmas – UXmas is actually an all inclusive celebration of the holiday season, but as @natassja once said, UXholidays doesn’t have the same ring.

If you’re keen for some holiday fun, make sure you sign up to the notification list and keep an eye on the site.


Signed up!

Thanks Hawk :slight_smile:


We’re live!

What do you think of the first treat from our mate Dan Ramsden?


Loved it! I also love the uxmas site, love the layout of the days and the animation when you hover :slight_smile: , very cool.


@tollady and the guys at Thirst Studios are the ones that did the design and development. I agree, they nailed it!


Love it, my favorite article for this year is until today 2nd of december … so true

“The real value of original UX Research”

Those articles are perfect to be read in the same time I need to enjoy the chocolate for the same day.

Another Thing … I know it´s maybe just too much work … but It would be great to have something like the UXMas calender for the whole year … just the best article for the week … something written by an author and maybe also something which was just worth to read … kind of best of articles" with discussion opportunity



Love that!

Heh. I love this idea so much, but yeah – even just doing this for 3/4 of December is so much work!


Who’s been keeping up with the daily reading?

Favourites so far?