It's Lee Hnetinka, which company is good for web hosting?


Hello Friends,

I am Lee Hnetinka and want to know, which company is good for web hosting?


Depend on what you want to build.

I use for personal website. You just need to figure out everything on your own, but it’s kind of fun.

If you want more reliable service, maybe AWS? The first year is free.


I’ve had good success with DreamHost, but others aren’t huge fans.

I’d stay away from GoDaddy, for sure.


I use Wix and I don’t hate it. It’s come a long way in the 4 or so years that I’ve been using it. And agreed- stay the hell away from GoDaddy. I know someone who had their domain held hostage by them.


I have worked with dozens of hosting companies for ours and many client websites. I found Knownhost to be the best in class for support. Site performance is great too. I would stay away from EIG owned hosting company - though it is surprisingly hard once you know how many big names they own.


I love WebFaction.


I, personally, use Nearly Free Speech, after recommendations from many of my web-dev friends.


  • Power
  • Price
  • Uptime
  • Strongly defensive of their customers


  • Support? That’s what documentation’s for. (If you really need help, the forums are reasonably good, but you’ll be getting good at maintaining your own systems)