It's been a while



Hi folks,

It’s been a while, but here we are with another installment of my introductory threads. Please welcome these folks to the community. (Note that you don’t have to be new to be included. If you want to get introduced, please let me know.)

@Carlux is currently working in UI and UX design. He’s here to bounce ideas off other people and to bounce ideas back in return. He’s only been here about a short while, but he says he’s finding the community wonderful. (Pats Hawk on the back!)

@tubayucelboru is brand new to UX. His biggest strength is his creativity. His main goals for being here art to: keep up with the digital age, improve himself, and create a roadmap to become a qualified UX designer.

@caitlineverett has been working in UX about four years now, mostly on B2B interfaces for big organizations. She says that she’s here because she’s at a fork in her professional journey, “trying to figure out if I’d like to be more of a business person and advocate for good UX as a product designer/ manager of some sort, or if I’d like to dig back in and really focus on producing great content/ hone the craft of design again.”

@karlloveday has come back to UX as a manger after a stint of being a product owner. He loves creating great experiences and researching. He also says that, “It does raise many frustrations personally when I experience really poor in-life examples.” A sentiment shared by many folks around here!


Yay! That’s great to hear. Welcome @Carlux

Cool. Is there anything we can do to support you on this @tubayucelboru?
Unrelated, your name is interesting. Where are you from?

Welcome @caitlineverett – I’ve been enjoying your posts so far. Glad you’re here.

Interesting! Is there much crossover in the roles @karlloveday or were you in an organisation that understands the distinction?


Nice to virtually meet you all !


Hi all,
I’m Tuba from Istanbul, Turkey and I’m a female, not a male :blush: I’m right now not even a beginner in UX design, and trying to find a way to make a good start.



I’d love to visit Turkey one day. Turkish food (at least the version we get here) is my favourite.
Heh, I get the gender/name confusion issue all the time too. Apologies that it happened to you here.


Yep, nice to meet you too. I’m so glad for have found this place. Keep in touch!


Thanks for the warm introduction @Piper_Wilson @HAWK, great to be here!

In answer to your question

I think many businesses are still trying to understand the digital world and how best to keep pace whilst being current and often default to ways that are already in place but do not always offer the right solution! My role change came about due to changes in business focus and perhaps lack or the right resource in the right area. There were definite crossovers, as I had to interject and run various aspects which sit in both in UX and PO roles. I think this is a knowledge gap where businesses don’t fully understand the distinction between areas of digital, like the whole UX / UI argument where people ask for UX but actually mean a UI designer… etc…

Look forward to participating and learning in the community … :slight_smile:


You forgot to mention about me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I could never forget you! :crazy_face:

Come into my parlor and I’ll get you listed on the next one.