It isnt a real buying process


I have a problem. The product should be an app where you can receive and “buy” coupons. You pay to activate a coupon, but if you deactivate it, your issued coins will be returned.

I do not really like this process. The entire app feels like a shop, but the activation / purchase process looks weird. I’m looking for examples that deal with such systems, but I have not found anything. I will not test anything that I do not believe. So I’m looking for arguments to prevent this activation / buying process.

So my question:

  • Does anyone have experience with this type of system?
  • Is the system really that bad?

It sounds a bit like depositing a pledge (is this the right word?) for borrowing something.
Also never heard of this process in the digital world … even though it is very popluar in “the real world”

Maybe you can give us more insights to understand what this app exactly does?

I think," pledge" is the right word.

The app is a digital version of your leaflet. In order to achieve greater value for the user, we have decided to create free coupons.

Now our stakeholders want an in-app currency.

The idea behind the system is that the user gets his coins back when the validity period of the coupon expires and he does not use the coupon. It sounds not bad, but if you think about managing the coins, it gets complicated. The information on which coupon the coin was pledged became important. So you need a place where you can view all active coupons.

So this list will be part of the administration of the coins. It can quickly become a big mess.

Great thinking.