IT Executives and Managers, keeping UX at the top of strategy methods?

Hi all,

I am an IT Executive (one down from CIO), completed a degree in Commerce then did a separate degree in; Applied Management - Business Information Systems. Along with many certifications including a BCS UX design cert.

Anyway, whether it was designing enterprise systems, coding them or managing the projects, I have always kept UX at the forefront of my thinking. Even when having to work with and or around shrink wrapped difficult concrete systems like SAP.

Im just wondering if any other Execs or even Project Managers have the same thinking for larger systems used by BIG organisations etc?

I think its not just honorable but straight forward morally the right thing to be doing, keeping the user as top priority, regardless of time or money. Obviously there are always times when you get squeezed to keep things financially acceptable, but Im just saying keeping the focus as much as possible on UX.

I feel the feedback from 100k people on a pleasant experience when interfacing difficult processes to systems is the most satisfying part of my role.