Issue with UX Mastery account signups and logins


The login and signup pages at are currently experiencing an SSL issue which causes a browser security warning when you try and visit those pages. This means people can’t sign-in or create a new account without seeing an error.

We’re in the process of determining the exact problem and implementing a fix with the platform that runs our system, and will report back here when we have any updates. Thanks for your patience while we sort things out properly.

Please feel welcome to share your feedback here in this thread (if you’re already logged in), or if unable to post here and you want to contact me, please email and @hawk or I will give you a hand.


All fixed! The issue was identified and a SSL certificate was updated. Connections are now secure again, allowing logins and registrations as usual.

Our apologies for the interruption and hassle, and thanks to everyone for their patience.