Is web page footer required?

I need to get expert thought on following scenario

'X’is product based company and they developed a set of web apps and deployed to some client around the globe. Internal staff of each company using those apps for their works. (Not B2C app). My question is. Is it good practice or standard way to display the web page footer in all screens of the app. (It is not with large content. Just a single line with copy rights and version of the app).

Which of the following is good

  1. Display footer in landing page ?
  2. Display footer in all apps’ pages?

Kindly share your thoughts ?


Hi Nuwan, Welcome to UX Mastery!

Given the scenario you have suggested, I’d suggest letting go of the footer. From a user’s perspective, copyright and version numbers aren’t useful.

When it comes to any UI-related decisions, one trick you can use is: does this add value to the end-user? If this is a business requirement, then ask, does it offer value to both the user and the business (no compromise with the user’s experience :wink: ). And that should hopefully help with most decisions!

Hope this helps!

PS: If you’d like, you can take a look at the free library of UX literature here for more information and resources on UI design.
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Happy designing!