Is UX right for me?

Hi, I am a recent graduate and have become interested in UX design however not coming from a closely related subject I want to get an accurate impression before advancing.

I know this is quite a subjective thing and what is right for someone is not for another, so to make this useful to a wider range of people maybe you could address:

What you like about working in UX?

Was there anything about working in UX that surprised you (a perception that was inaccurate, an aspect of the job you had not considered as prominent)?

What skills do you find yourself using most day to day?

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This is a great question for some of our @Experienced-UXers to jump on.

And welcome Amy, great to have you on board.


I like working in UX because it is process oriented, creative, and uses critical thinking skills. I teach people UX as well, and I hear this a lot from people taking the course as why they are interested:

Like working in UX: Making something out of nothing. Being able to solve problems. You are always learning something. Someone was doing Graphic Design for a long time, was making clients happy. Wanted to solve problems and design for the client. Likes the research and critical thinking.

Surprising in UX: how political the job is and have you have to navigate talking to different people and what their needs are. Stereotype in tech that you don’t need soft skills, but it’s really important in UX. Learning how iterative the process is. Perfect isn’t as important because you can always iterate.

Skills most used are talking to people, doing research, and producing deliverables.

Hope that helps!


Thank you :slight_smile:

I love working in UX because I am naturally curious about how people’s brains work and I just want to make things easier.

I’ve worked with UX people who have come from lots of different backgrounds - visual design, market research, psychology, Web design (more technical) but not many communication specialists like me.

It’s a great field for me because - depending on the project - I might be running user research, analysing data to generate findings and recommendations, doing a content audit, designing e-forms or rewriting entire websites following service re-design.

What surprised me when I started was how much UX thinking I was already doing as a communications practitioner.

What still surprises me is that some UX researchers seem to think that simply reporting numbers is the same as analysis!

The reasons I like working in UX are the same reasons I loved working in communications: learning about different companies, listening to what the audience needs and delivering stuff that actually helps people.

Don’t feel you have to be an all-rounder. I focus on the aspects I enjoy the most (and am therefore better at). If you have a chance to explore and see what grabs you, take it.

Good luck!

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I am in a similar situation as I am completing an eLearning degree and yet very much leaning also towards UX as the latter encompasses almost everything we humans access. For example, I have started working for a Chinese multinational and would like to start encouraging this organisation to update/change their UX webpages etc… to better suit the Australian user experiences. However , I am very new to UX so at this just exploring options and keen to learn about the promoting aspect of UX then design. I feel that UX is right for me in my current role as I enjoy working on multiple web projects.

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