Is this the best place to post a specific UI question, or is there a better place?

Hi everyone,

My broader question is, I have a very specific UI question about where to place the “Back”, “Next”, and “Skip” buttons on a mobile onboarding process. I’ll ask it below with pictures, but the broad question is, is UX Mastery the right place to ask super specific questions like this? I tend to prefer quicker responses (don’t we all though?) because I’m kind of on hold until I figure this problem out. Are there any other communities, either websites or Facebook groups, to post such questions? Because I tend to run into questions quite frequently that research into common UI patterns may not directly answer, and I don’t want to be the annoying guy posting questions all the time if this isn’t the place for it.

Okay, now for the specific question.

The back button isn’t here since this is step one, but it would go in the upper left. I’ve looked at other screens, and these are the sizes of Back and Next. They typically are just the words, not put into an oval and made into a typical button. But they just seem really hard to notice. My only thought is this is because the progress steps are also up there, but since I’m intending this to be a scrollable screen, does it make sense to put them at the bottom instead? I’ve also tried to surround everything in the headline in a white rectangle like the following, but then that seems to take too much focus away from the header and subheader:

Next, I have it to where when you search for something, it goes to a new screen, and then you select the items you want by tapping on them, and then you return from the search back to the main screen, carrying over those things you tapped on. The Meetup app does the same thing, but it just seems broken to me… the < arrow I have, seems to indicate that you are canceling your search, not returning with what you selected:

Again, I hope this was the right place for this type of thing. If not, I’d much appreciate any advice of where to turn instead!

I tried a couple more options to make “Back” and “Next” more prominent. Are any of these any better?

Alternative A:

Alternative B:

Alternative C:

I actually think I figured it out:

There are some Slack and Facebook groups specific to UI. You could look in the Designer Slack Directory or search Facebook.

Glad you figured it out!


Great, that’s super helpful! Thank you!