Is this ok to use in my portfolio? Thanks for your help



Hi there,

I’m a jack of all trades that is really keen to get in the UX work field, but I have no idea how to go about it. I’ve been researching a lot about it and I always come across people advising to use personal work, popular websites or apps rebranding/case studies etc.

In my case I have an app and a game on the App Store and Google Play, and as I designed them I think maybe would be interesting to make a case study and display them on my portfolio, but I don’t know if would be worth it. I’m not gonna post the links now because I don’t want people thinking I’m spamming my apps here, but if someone wants that including these type of pieces on a beginner UX portfolio is valid, please let me know how would you go about it.

Here they are:

App Store:


I’m a bit confused by what you’re asking here. Are you asking if you should use these specific apps in your portfolio, or are you asking how you should use these apps to help make a portfolio?


Sorry, I mean I’ve designed and developed these apps and I want to know if
there’s any value in make a case study of them and include it in my UX


100% yes.


Thank you for your feedback! Any tips on how to structure it? For example, a case study consisting of research, prototype, user testing/feedback and visual design? Sorry to ask that but I’m a bit clueless on how to do it, or maybe to scared lol


website prefer. No one like to install those app on phone to takeup some phone memories. Sure will get delete it. Please.


No apology necessary – that’s why we’re here.

Your primary goal should be to document your thinking process. The steps you took to get from inception to launch, with as many annotated images as possible.

Chris does a great job of documenting his case studies here. That should give you somewhere to start.

Here are some other great examples of portfolios.


Definitely! Start off by stating the brief that you were working to / the ideqa you intially had. Show some of your research and findings - did you interview possible users? did you test some sketches? For me, when I’m looking at a UX portfolio I want to see how the person got the final idea, I want to see their working, how they think, etc. Without that, the final product is meaningless.