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We’re always keen to create content for which is relevant and useful to you guys.
If there is a topic (or even the grain of a topic) that you’d like us to write about (or find someone knowledgeable who can) then list it here and @natassja will work her magic.

What's the best UX career advice you've ever received?
I couldn't make it to a job through this assignment, what did I do wrong? :neutral_face:
I couldn't make it to a job through this assignment, what did I do wrong? :neutral_face:

Another subject i’d be interested in:

I’d like to hear what UX designers do in their spare time. How many hours of your spare time do you put aside to study? How do you make sure that you’re not only doing your job at the required standard and keeping up with industry advancements, but how do you make sure you become or stay amongst the best designers around?

And if you want, how much time you spent per week, studying to get where you are now. What did you do, that your competition did not?


Hi @DavidJay thanks, this is a great suggestion! We are actually planning to look at time management and organisation for UX designers in July, so will make sure we include this idea. Stay tuned!


Until we get our teeth into July’s theme, in the meantime you might find the Everyday UX book insightful? I followed 10 UX professionals around for a day to see what they actually did, including their self-driven professional development; how they grew their skills and kept on top of new ideas and industry changes.

Definitely something we can look into again and at a deeper level, though. Great idea. :slight_smile:


Looking forward to the theme Lukcha.

Tell you what, I have like another 3/4 books I want to get through. I’'l purchase Everyday UX when i’m done and let you know what I think :slight_smile:


I’m interested in ways to practice new concepts or try out different styles of the same tasks. Design challenges or projects (even fictional), pulled apart and examined. For example, there are many approaches to personas, some that even question their relevance. Taking a look at the prevailing approaches and their challengers would be a neat read, or how they might be applied to a project to achieve different results.


I don’t know it’s a relevant suggestion but, - quite a lot of people say UX and CX are intersected and whenever I wear the support cap, sometimes I also felt the same.I like to know more about that.


Love these suggestions @j_maria_j and @jaisonjustus, I’ll see what we can do. If you have any examples of content you’ve read, feel free to post that here too so we can see where we can provide a different perspective.


Hello! did any of these subjects come to fruition? Been away a little while! :slight_smile:


@DavidJay I believe it was you who suggested the article on communication for design professionals (in a different thread)-- which was released today! I’d love to hear any feedback on my piece.

I have a few ideas for new articles. Apart from what’s already been listed here, I’m looking at writing a few different pieces:

  • The UX of the future self-driving car.
  • UX/UI guide for large-scale (TV-sized) touchscreen devices
  • Physical UX Failures, and What they Teach Us About Web UX