Is the goal same for Marketing and User Experience?

They are two completely different streams and the end expectations are a bit different. UX folks want happy users and marketing wants stakeholders happy with increased sales. Marketing can definitely make use of UX research findings to create better messages and targeting the right audience for the product, but do you think marketers can be of any help to UX designers and how?

This post might give you a little go ahead on what I am talking about.

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First, yes I think that marketers can be of help to UX designers and vice-versa, yet I don’t have anything to add as to how that the article doesn’t cover.

This comment was to ask if there were more articles like this - comparing and relating UX with [another industry occupation]. This kind of comparison would be a great resource for me. Do you (or anyone) happen to know of a medium/blog writer that has done a series like this?

Hopefully the goals would be aligned! And some UX designers work embedded within marketing departments.

But certainly the ways of getting there have quite different priorities—for example, marketing research and user research may share some similar methods but have fundamentally different relationships with their participants.

@dbraydndegraw00 UX Mastery is developing content related to what you describe. I’d love to chat more about how it could be useful for you.

Send me a message anytime @Lukcha ! My classmates and I would definitely benefit from such a resource line.


There’s one interesting post on HubSpot, covering the marketing aspect of it.

But I didn’t find anything relevant for the opposite case, on how UX can be benefited from Marketing. It will be great to get some insights on this from the community here.

Couldn’t find a good series on this topic, will be looking forward to the UX Mastery insights.

I wouldn’t say the goal is same, but their goals are aligned…? That may be a better way to put it. While marketing primarily focuses on informing users and acquisition, UX can play a major role in the acquisition process. Especially attracting the users with intuitiveness and clear value proposition.
To give you a simple example, onboarding is a product level concept. How the onboarding experience is crafted requires input from both the marketing team and UX team. The marketing team can position their marketing copy in a way that builds up to the value proposition highlight by the user interface. A real life product where you can see this in action is probably, Basecamp or Duolingo.

I think you may also be interested in reading this to get a better idea of the role user onboarding plays in helping convert users: