Is that UX can become Data Scientist?

Can we combine UX and DS ?
As one for the qualitative and second for the quantitative analyses.

What is the valid point for expertise in both types of skills, Not just Users but data too.

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I think there is definitely crossover. I don’t know about data science as a discipline to speak to it much though.


Of course. These two complement each other very well.


Yes @olemail

most of the time i read about that data science is the future of UX, yes might be but not a complete good sense.

we can say that if people have deep expertise in both filed that can be a good combo.

Even my learning of UX show me, another path DS, Data Visualization etc…

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Any field that deals with large amounts of information can benefit from adding some data science .

However, when you’re looking at it from a UX perspective, you really want to take advantage of a ‘mixed methods’ approach to research. Data science can become misleading due to misinterpretation of the numbers, and good qualitative research skills can give you a great idea of the ‘why’ behind the numbers.

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I luv this question. I took a semester of data science, and found out that they do NOT touch data collection. They only use already avail data sets. This is a huge limitation for them. There are no programs out there that teach both. They are often tasked with making there data visual and try to be creative in their data output designs but they have no connections with gathering the data or upfront design. They are also limited in their teaching of complex system machine learning and simulations. If anyone was curious. hehe.

I firmly believe both disciplines need each other, they just don’t know it yet.


You are right. During my research, I observed that a good UX designer must has knowledge about data both qualitative and quantitative
I believe that future of UX is in data science. Yes we should not try to limit us on specific path.
The main valid question is that if you have not knowledge about data then how is possible to analyse and visualize on dashboard as a ux designer. While on the other side you are just getting information from clients and analysis behaviour during interaction.Even you don’t know internal story and consiquense
(I believe knowledge inside data)

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Absolutely! Data science is experiencing major ethical and bias issues while they have no UX arm to consult and eliminate such issues. UX is great at gathering social emotional data but is experiencing a lack of academic awareness for their work. My work as a school psychologist is good at being on the ground floor in schools ready to work on social emotional issues but they are not educated in proper data collection, UX techniques, nor in data science to be able to make their data insightful for system wide school changes. All while the need for UX designers in all areas of social functioning and organization is at a excruciatingly critical (life or death) point, it is not happening.

Also, data science has not been taught in other discipline filters in mind so it does not know how to teach it in a way that is useful to most industries. Just solely if you were going to be a data scientist only and the data content wouldn’t matter. But in reality it matters. Try understanding the process of converting qualitative data into quantitative data and you see the need for UX designers and data sciences to get this process to keep the data integrity and valid. Another obstacle is that the UX designers typically have a designers lens on which is a different brain system than a computer programmers brain, thus the two disciplines rarely cross in one human being. If you are a master at one it seems to come across at a cost of the other. That’s why it makes more sense to collaborate and team up than to make one person do both. But for both to have common language to communicate their needs across the disciplines. Data science is not at a user-friendly point. They create their programs individually and from scratch each time. This makes it ridiculously difficult for UX designers to utilize any tool they use to incorporate as a UX tool for their projects.


There is a crossover between a data scientist and UX researcher, but from my point of views, both disciplines have different purposes. UX research might have better tools to measure emotional data, insights and the customer journey (especially this one), but the data scientist would look for the data facilitation instead. However, both disciplines will contribute to getting insights, UX would always have a user experience focus.

Both disciplines are not the same, and they look for a collaboration between each other on the overlay points.


So what do you think about data analysts ?

Interesting question. Hmm,
I’ve worked with data analysts before, and they have a data-driven approach, pretty much most of their work foundations rely on quantitative data, with a few exceptions in qualitative aspects as well. For me, a data analyst still fit in between UX researcher and data scientist.

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