Is that UX can become Data Scientist?

Can we combine UX and DS ?
As one for the qualitative and second for the quantitative analyses.

What is the valid point for expertise in both types of skills, Not just Users but data too.

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I think there is definitely crossover. I don’t know about data science as a discipline to speak to it much though.

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Of course. These two complement each other very well.

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Yes @olemail

most of the time i read about that data science is the future of UX, yes might be but not a complete good sense.

we can say that if people have deep expertise in both filed that can be a good combo.

Even my learning of UX show me, another path DS, Data Visualization etc…

Any field that deals with large amounts of information can benefit from adding some data science .

However, when you’re looking at it from a UX perspective, you really want to take advantage of a ‘mixed methods’ approach to research. Data science can become misleading due to misinterpretation of the numbers, and good qualitative research skills can give you a great idea of the ‘why’ behind the numbers.