Is such pronunciation accepteble for UX jobs?


Here is a part from my Product Analyst job interview:

Currently I am working on my pronunciation)


Totally acceptable. :slight_smile:

You have what I’d call a strong accent, but I could certainly understand what you were saying and no words stood out as obviously wrong.


In my opinion as long as what you’re saying is correct, it doesn’t matter how you say it.

We recently hired an Italian UX Designer, English is not his first language and we have had a few ‘google translate’ moments but it has never affected the work produced!


Thank you very much)))
I posted it to the Russian forum of English tutors/learners and they critiqued me very much so that it would be very hard to land a job with such pronunciation.

It would be great if you tell me what aspects of my English I need to work on first of all from your point of view.


well done! :slight_smile:


I didn’t notice anything specific. You say ‘ah’ and ‘um’ quite a lot, but I imagine that is while you’re thinking of which words to use. I don’t speak another language so you have my utmost respect!

As Jacqui says, if you have the knowledge, the accent shouldn’t matter. You are very understandable.