Is my username changing?


Hey all, quick question-

What username is popping up for me?

P.S. (if it’s dbraydndegraw00, then something isn’t working right)


Yes, I see dbraydndegraw00.


Hi @dbraydndegraw00
I can help.
What are you trying to change it to and where are you trying to do that?


I am trying to change it to Braydn DeGraw
I was using this link -


I know that @Lukcha has been getting some work done on our SSO so let’s ask him to check in on this.

(Slack is down so I don’t have a way to talk with my colleagues!)


Yes, our v0.1 accounts system is a bit of the simple side :unamused: so we’re working on making it more useful for people. None of the changes have rolled out yet, so these difficulties with changing the username are “normal” — but not what we want long term!

The temporary workaround should be simple: try logging out and logging back in again:

  1. Click your avatar in the top right of this screen and choose the “Log Out” link at the bottom of the drop-down menu.
  2. Then go to to log in again.
  3. Your username ‘dbraydndegraw’ (which is already set in your UX Mastery account) should then sync across to the forum software.


Thanks @dougcollins, @HAWK, and @Lukcha !


I’m glad it worked!