Is it good or bad UX to ask permission for a user's location?



I’m working on improving the user experience of a store locator app and was wondering if it’s good to ask the user’s permission for their GPS location to display the closest stores. Or is it better to not bother with permissions and just list the closest stores automatically when they use the app? I’ve done some research and found conflicting information.


hi @ux_dude,

I guess that in this sentence you have already the answer.
The app is a store locator, it goes without saying that can not be used without GPS tracking.


It depends if this is the sole purpose of the app or if it does other stuff too, and locating a local store is just a feature.

But even saying that, you can locate stores using other methods - input postcode/town/city name etc.

I would not be happy downloading an app if it was using my GPS without my prior permisison. And (I’m not an app developer) but I think you may be required as part of [apple] guidelines to ask for a users permission to use their GPS etc before just using it


Fair enough, as I said looks like the main feature of this app is to locate a store.

I would use this approach as plan B. User generated contend needs extra effort from user POV and System POV.

I agree on that. It’s not mandatory to use the GPS feature you can always go to settings and remove it. As a default setting, as a user, I’d like to have a very fast configuration process (download the app, launch the app, sign in/register and use it!)