Is going through recruiting a good option for landing an ideal UX role?



We’ve just published an interview Matt did with Georgie Carpenter a while back as research for our book Get Started in UX. Georgie is the founder of 10collective—a recruiting agency specialising in IT and UX roles.

Read on for her insider tips about UX, recruiting, portfolios, job interviews, and advice about getting a competitive advantage in your hunt for the ideal UX job.

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Fantastic article Georgie! I’m particularly interested in the way that companies understand the role themselves. I have noticed there seems to been an over abundance of jobs ads requesting a UX/UI designer but truely looking for someone that fits into UX somewhat.

I also find it somewhat troubling that people would be looking for a role in UX but not mention the user when questioned what that is. I can imagine it would take a good understanding of the industry on your part to be able to decipher someone’s true understanding as the field is still so confused in terms of knowledge and experience.

Do you find there’s many roles for Interaction Designers out there where the company actually understands the job requirements for this role? And secondly I’ve noticed in America there is a job role called an Interactive Art director starting to emerge, which seems to be a combination of an Interaction Designer and an Art Director. Does this type of role exist yet in Australia?


Awesome! really enjoyed reading it