Is breaking stereotypes a new form of design?


If yes, are we making the end-users life easier or troubling/confusing them with new design elements which they havenot used it before ?


Hey there,
Interesting question… I’m interested in what others think here.

On the one hand, UX is all about intuitive design and leveraging mental models. That said, if we don’t challenge things then we’ll never see progress.

I suspect there is middle ground.


I believe all new (even revolutionary) designs start somewhere. The new design might be hard to get used to at first. Even if when the previous design has been a bad solution, we’re still used to it. So introduce any new design – doesn’t matter how good it is – it will take some time to learn. So, I think the user will probably always be confused/troubled to begin with, but if the new design solution is intuitive, hopefully they will quickly get passed this initial bump in the road and appreciate the improvements :slight_smile: