Is Axure RP the Best Tool for Prototyping?



As the leader of the prototype tool market, Axure RP (Axure rapid prototyping) is the oldest and most powerful brand with a history of 15 years. But are you agree is Axure RP the best for prototyping? Is Axure the only choice? I learned another three popular prototyping tools on the market, who can compare them to see if Axure is the best and the only choice for designers, or some design tools are more suitable for us?

Best prototyping tool for menu

what are your thoughts about the question you’re asking?
I mean you wrote: [quote=“cherry, post:1, topic:4652”]
I learned another three popular prototyping tools on the market (Mockplus, Justmind,
What are the advantages/disadvantages in using such tools?
As a UX designer doing benchmarks should be one of the first steps of your decisions :wink:

FYI searching for “Axure” you will find some interesting content:

Good benchmarking :wink:


There are over a 100 different prototyping tools out there. It is important to decide on your needs and what would work best for your team or project. I wouldn’t say Axure RP is the best tool out there. There is no best tool as it depends on the project.


I’ve been using Axure for a little while now and in my experience it has been quite a steep learning curve but once you’re in it, it’s very powerful. Particularly those who are not coders. I tend to go between axure, and basic html/css with bootstrap as a framework for responsiveness. Sometimes it’s quicker for me to code, other times the devs need more visual design, that’s when I use Axure. Depends on your dev needs, client needs and project needs.


Hey Cherry
Like others have mentioned already there are plenty of tools and choosing the ‘right one’ depends on your application. I have used Axure, Invision, Sketch and Adobe XD over time and finally stuck with Adobe XD. While it may not have all the features of Axure, it allows me to create beautiful screens quickly and also quickly wire them up for simple interactions.


Hi, Sridhar.:grinning: Thanks for your positive reply! Adobe XD is indeed a good prototyping tool! I’ll have a try…


Hi, jdebari. Thanks for your list. It provides me more prototyping tools to choose!


I’d highly recommend investing the time to learn and master Axure. It’s less shiny and nice-looking than Sketch (or the other 100 apps that do what Sketch does), but Axure has the capability to build in interactions without extra plugins, and you can preview the interactions really quick. Simply put, it’s WAY more powerful than all those other apps in terms of building a prototype that communicates a visual or interactive idea.

Axure also does a good job at speaking in terms of CSS without forcing you to code. You get familiar with click events and transition css just from looking at the options that it allows you to apply.


Choosing a prototyping tool depends on your general specifications. (a very vague statement indeed ). Axure works for the most, it is stable, oldest and powerful. But to me mockup offers a great deal of flexibility that I used to implement a site of mine. As @annabelle_andre mentioned it is a steep learning curve for Axure, maybe you give Mockup a chance and then move towards Axure if you wish.


Axure doesn’t do everything in terms of interactions. It is really clunky with mobile sites. The best thing about it is that it can be used on both a Mac and a Windows computer.

Define what your prototype needs to express before choosing a tool.