Is anyone from (or has anyone been) to Toronto or NY?


I’m visiting both later this year and would love some tips on things to do.

I love food, nightlife, iconic sites, a bit of shopping…



I’ve been to NYC multiple times. This is sort of dorkie, but I have a Google map of all the book stores in NYC if you are into that.

Skip Doughnut Plant and Dough for doughnuts. Bien Cuit is my favorite bakery (amazing crossiants). There is a great food tour in a old fashioned checkered cab, Famous Fat Dave’s Food Tours.

I’m sure others will chime in. :grinning: When are you going?



Amazing! Thanks.

Not until early October.



I live in NYC. I recommend avoiding Times Square and Ground Zero. If you must visit, don’t spend too long in those places. Just so you know NYC is comprised of five boroughs. It’s not just Manhattan. So there are a lot of places to explore.

We have lots of parks. I recommend Central Park, Bryant Park, and Madison Square Park.

We got lots of museums. Definitely visit The Met, Brooklyn Museum, Whitney, MOMA, Guggenheim, Natural History, The Cloisters.

As for food there’s a lot of good food but depends on what you’re interested in. What kinds of food are you looking for? I highly recommend hitting up Queens for food. Queens is the most diverse place on earth.

As for shopping, check out Soho and 5th avenue.



Bring warm clothes. It can get windy walking around and get really chill to the bones cold.
But that time of year is beautiful! Fall leaves changing colors. My favorite time of year!

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Been there a few times,

One of the best tourist things we did was the open bus tour at night.

Dinner in Greenwich village also super.

Next time I get there, want to have a drink in this place.


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I went to Toronto last year and afterwards was seriously considering emigrating there! It was amazing. I’ll be over again later this year, I absolutely love it there!

It’s one of the most diverse cities in the world so if you’re a foodie, i recommend trying food from different regions - sushi burger from su&bu, seafood from lobster fisherman clubhouse (slightly out of town - but worth it), poutine from house of poutine, kinka izakaya, burgers priest, st lawrence market etc. In terms of iconic sites, it hasn’t got that many if I’m honest. CN tower and the aquarium are ok, but pretty standard. I wasn’t so impressed with the CN tower 360 restaurant (was more of a checklist item), or the bluejays baseball game, but it could be somebody else’s bag?

ive heard good things about the keg steakhouse so will try it out this time round, and will also head over to the Toronto island as it looks pretty cool over there.

You’re gonna have a great time!



Torontonian here (I don’t think I’ve ever called myself that before lol).
I agree with a lot of what lykc has said so I’ll just add on to some of the things that weren’t mentioned.

First things first, how do you pronounce “Toronto”? Spoiler alert: you don’t pronounce the second T, so it’s more like “Torono”, it’s a weird local thing.

I live here and I can’t even comment on the food choices, there are just so many great options. I defer to lykc here.

You mentioned you like shopping so I definitely recommend Eaton Centre in downtown core. It’s got the usual big brand names most malls have, but I think it’s worth to go at least once. For a more “hipster” shopping experience, I recommend going along Queen Street West. There’s been a lot of development there with little storefronts of various brands, big and small, definitely fun to check out. There’s also Kensington Market (hidden beside our Chinatown) that’s got great food and little stores all over, this is probably the most hipster and cultured out of all my mentions.

A ton of bars as well, microbrewery’s and craft beer everywhere. I don’t drink, but my friends that do love it here.

More touristy areas include Nathan Philips Square where we have our ‘famous’ glowing Toronto sign that we put up during the Pan-Am games. They sometimes host outdoor events there too so if you’re lucky you might run into one of those. AGO and ROM are great museums to check out if you’re into that sort of stuff. The ROM does host night time events sometimes where they turn the museum into kind of a club, with food and music hosted in various parts. They usually host them on Thursday nights so if you’re lucky enough to go there on that day that’d be cool.

Not sure what else I could say but enjoy! Hope you have a great trip and experience!

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You guys are A-MAZING! Thanks so much for these cool ideas.

@jdebari Drinking Tour with Famous Fat Dave booked just now! Looks hilarious!

That will cover off the food side of things @ux_dude. If I was just going to go to one museum, which would you suggest?

@paddy Do you know what tour company you used? Looks like there are quite a few. Hah – Dead Rabbit looks amazing. Consider that locked in.

@lykc You had me at lobster. Good advice on the 360 restaurant.

@sammiephung Shopping and microbreweries? Sounds like the perfect holiday.



Hmmm just one museum? Either the Met or Brooklyn Museum.

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I’ve no idea what tour bus company it was, they had red buses :smiley:

One for trip advisor I’d say.


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