Is a Cardano NFT project enough for an UX portfolio?

I am thinking about starting a small NFT project on the Cardano blockchain.

Even if NFTs don’t really have much use besides entertainment and speculation right now, UX could really help get a project like that to a higher level of attention. NFT projects are always suffering from scam allegations and UX could help to establish trust in the project.

How would employers react to such a project? It’s a relatively new technology to most people, so real life cases for most enterprises are still limited. It might also be a topic that might seem less serious than, say, a health improvement app.

On the other hand, if I deliver a new use case for NFT products after some research, that new tech factor might even be beneficial. Given Cardano’s traceability and identity providing claims, maybe there’s something interesting to discover.

Just give me your hot takes about it, I’ll be happy to read them.