IP and Copyright Law


Hello everyone, I’ve developed an idea for an app, I’ve created the UX and UI, currently looking or a developer/angel.

How can I protect my idea from being stolen, in the process of bringing it to market?



We are not lawyers, and the answer to your question will vary from location to location (even state to state in the US). If you want legal advice, your best bet is to consult an IP lawyer.

This is exactly my advice to you if you think you have an idea that is worth getting worried about potential theft. Consult an IP lawyer, apply for a patent, and keep the idea on a “need to know” basis. While there are certainly those out there who would steal an idea, in my experience they are few and far between. What’s more, it’s one thing to steal an idea, and another thing entirely to execute it. The ability to obtain a concept and the ability to put it into practice are two completely different skill sets. I’m not sure that you have a ton to be worried about.


Here’s a link to an explanation from the United States Patent and Trademark Office website. Once again, we’re not lawyers (and neither is that site), but it’s some good information.

Also, remember, this explanation is US centric, so it may not be completely relevant in another country.