iOS or Windows?


Hi, recently just entered the world of UX (currently in GA class) and noticed that most programs (like Sketch, Omnigraffle) utilize iOS. I am still on my Windows laptop. To UX practitioners here, what are your thoughts? Should I switch over to a Macbook for class and for the real world? Or should I hold off and stick with Windows as long as I can? Looking forward to learn what you guys think. Thanks.


I switch between the two quite regularly- all my portable devices are iOS and my home laptop (which I use like a desktop) and work computers are Windows (I didn’t get to choose at work). I just use whatever I feel most comfortable with at the time- I’m quite fluid like that. For me it’s just personal choice and I don’t tend to overthink things- I just do what comes naturally.

That’s my two cents, I’d be very curious to see what other people’s takes are on this :slight_smile:


Haha, I love that! I was originally a dedicated PC user (in fact, I was a .NET dev for a decade) but took the plunge about 6 years ago and have never looked back. It took ~a month to get the hang of things, now I can’t remember how to find my way around a PC any more. That said, don’t change for the sake of it. I suspect that your point around software limitations might be fair though – I’d be interested in hearing other opinions.


Windows for laptops but iOS for phone and tablet. I’ve always used Windows for work and personal, happy with it and happy to stick with it. I tried a Windows phone and it was the worst 6 months of phone use I ever had so and iOS all the way for phone. Also iOS on my tablet but saving my pennies for a Surface.


you are talking about : “Mac OS X [B][U]or[/U][/B] windows OS” (iOS is for cellphones and iphones – devices from apple)

I am a PC guy, windows always, Mac OS X at work ( I am a Visual Designer) I spend so much money in software for windows, that is a no no, for me to change to Apple :wink:
and I am very comfortable with windows…

Just use whatever you like and works for you. You have Azure RP, balsamiq is on pc too, and more options, everybody are talking about “Sketch” but, after 15 years using graphic design softwares, is like Meh! another software…a tool, just a tool…use it, do not be attached to any software, in one or two years will be a new one…