Ios navigation style design


Hi All,
I am working on a iOS native application where I have taken the concept of HFI designing the mobile user experience. I have provided the navigation followed by a left hamburger icon and page title middle and the right side back button as research provided by the Steven Hoober the right thumb on the screen -67% and 49% people hold on the right hand the phone to operate and rest
Cradled—36% two handed—15% now I would like to understand whether what I am thinking to provide the navigation flow is help full to user or not so please share your thoughts


Hi Sakti,

That’s a great use of secondary research to help define the design. The next step is to do some usability testing with your real users, to check your assumptions and discover any issues not covered by the secondary research.

There are some useful recommendations here:

The first step is to work out what you want to test, and how you’ll do that. So, you’re wanting to test the navigation flow via a usability test, but you’ll need to work out exactly what that will look like—session protocol/script, questions to ask or tasks to set, etc.