Hi everyone !
My name is Florence. I’m originally from France but I’ve been living in Canada (Montréal) since 1 year. I’m very enthusiastic about being on this forum because I used to read a lot UX mastery blog and now I can exchange some messages with other “UX mastery” fans :wink:
About UX field, I’m working as a volonteer for an association and I help them to rebuild their website. I try to create my portfolio to be able to work for a company as UX designer in Montréal.
So, I try to train myself the best I can and will (quite for sure…) ask a lot of questions on this forum!
Last thing: English is not my mother tongue, so sorry in advance for my mistakes.

Hey Florence,
Welcome on board! No need to apologise for your English, I respect anyone that speaks more than one language. :slight_smile:
Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. I look forward to seeing you round the forums.

Bienvenue Florence! Delighted that you’ve enjoyed what we’ve written on the site over the past year or two.

Look forward to hearing your questions, we’ll be glad to help!