Introduction to UX - The Story of my Life


Hi everyone! I am new to the specifically defined world of UX and am attempting to broaden my horizons! I come from the business world (I hold both my bachelors and masters in business) and was thrust into the world of digital design about 3 years ago when I started my job. I have enjoyed every minute of this creative world and have been trying to find more career availability for people who do not hold a degree or years of experience. I was accepted to a masters program (Masters of Science in User Experience) and start in August, but was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for working in UX while in school?!?! My position now is being terminated in June and I am trying to enter into the UX world while working on my Masters. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



Welcome Michelle!

Sometimes you can find workplaces that will give you a topic, or who will do scholarship projects that you can use for your masters. That is what I did, I picked a scholarship project for a non-profit Museum and it was my masters topic :).
What you can also do (although I don’t suggest this one) is do your masters part time while working as well, but this does get rid of pretty much all your free time and piles on the stress.

Good luck and let us know if we can help in any way!


Hey Michelle, welcome on board. Natalie’s advice is fantastic. I’ll send some eyes this way and see if anyone else has ideas.


Welcome Michelle. It’s fantastic that you have a business background, as I’m sure the skills you’ve picked up are so often lacking in UX designers as they become more senior—things like understanding marketing, strategy, leadership, and the importance of ROI.

In the 3 years you’ve worked in digital design, have you acquired enough skills to take on occasional freelance projects while you’re studying? Or is this too ambitious?