Introduction for a screen survey

Hi there,

I am creating my screener survey and have put together the following introduction.

Please can anyone tell me if this sounds suitable and if I have missed anything? Any advice and suggestions would be great, thank you.


My name is Joe Doe,

As you may be aware, The Townsworth Community Forum was launched in 2020 as an interim for a much larger, feature rich website being developed for the Townworth community.

We are excited to announce that we are now recruiting some local residents, as well as some people that live outside of Townsworth, to take part in some user experience interviews. We will also be looking for local businesses to take part in another survey shortly.

If you would like to be considered to take part in our interview, please take our short survey below which will help us identify users that fit our interview criteria. The short survey is short and will take around 5 minutes of your time.

On completion of the short screener survey, we will be scheduling selected participants for a 30 minute - an hour follow up interview. This interview will take place online and/or via Zoom. The interview will be videotaped, and participants will be asked to sign a consent form.

We will be offering a £XX Amazon voucher for your time if you are selected for the interview.

I am wondering the following:

  • Should I be stating that I am only interested in residents and not businesses at this stage? Some business owners are also local residents, so they may be just as useful.

  • Do I need to explain anything else?

I think the text is a bit on the long side and it’s not very easy to skim through. How about bolding some important parts, for instance or using lists to make it more easy on the eyes?

I actually did a short interview for some UI/UX designers about our offering a while back and I got my interviewees through a LinkedIn message. I was surprised how easy it was to get people to participate, even though the LinkedIn connection request only let me write about 300 characters of text.

My question was pretty much along the lines “I’m looking for experienced UI/UX designers for an interview about our service offering. Would you be available for a quick call somewhere this or next week”? I was prepared to offer Amazon gift cards, too, but that wasn’t needed.

This is a little long, but I guess it depends on your target audience. Older people will appreciate the detail.

The average person doesn’t know what User Experience interviews are. You can just say interviews.

I think you could condense the copy a bit.