Introducing Piper Wilson – my new assistant CM


Hey all,
I’m really excited to announce that I have taken on an Assistant Community Manager (or wingman, as I like to think of her) to help with the day to day running of this place. Say hi to @Piper_Wilson.

Piper will be responsible for welcoming new members, helping you find the the resources you need, moving around posts when necessary, and generally helping me to keep the place tidy.

She doesn’t have a UX background but knows her way around a community, which is helpful for me as we continue to grow.

Join me in welcoming her to the role.


Hi @Piper_Wilson!

I’m new to the community myself, but welcome! :slight_smile:


Hi @Piper_Wilson, All the best!!


Hi @Piper_Wilson - Welcome :slight_smile:


@startlaunch, @jaisonjustus and @tara_lee_york - Thanks y’all.


Yay, @Piper_Wilson!

Noticed your new title before I saw this announcement. :slight_smile: Congrats!


~ grins ~

Thanks, @docBOOM


Congratulations @Piper_Wilson!


@talkinghead - Thank you kindly! :v:t3:


You’re welcome @Piper_Wilson!