Introducing..... Persona Dating!

I only had to read the headline of the article below for the question to jump into my curious mind - how would one of my UX personas do in the online dating world if he or she could date another persona? So I decided to find out.

Introducing Asher Blaire, an actual persona I created recently…he’s looking for a casual no strings attached date for this weekend…if you have a persona document that would seem like a good match with Asher, post it here along with a subject line like “(persona name) interested in Asher Blaire.”

Orientation or gender status doesn’t matter, we’re an open and supportive dating concept.

Location also doesn’t matter…personas are virtual netizens after all and can upload themselves to, like, wherever dude. Perhaps you will suggest a date location. Remember all communication between the personas must be posted here, in the thread (yes, highly voyeuristic - I know)

It’s preferable that the personas be actual ones created for your UX project but, like in the “real world” - profiles and pictures often lie and we will just have to deal with that. :slight_smile:

If you don’t happen to have a persona you think would match Asher or any of the other posted personas…simply upload your own persona and let the world know he or she is “available” and also available for what…(nsa/casual dating, long term relationship, marriage, one night stand?)

Ok, here’s Asher…


Now I want to make the perfect persona for Asher to date.

I see a wasted Friday afternoon in my future…

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Ha! I love this!

Asher sounds like the perfect candidate to date a buyer persona that I began building last month when I was digging into for another community that I manage. Unfortunately it still needs a lot of work so I’ll revisit, but so far:

Persona 4: Digital unicorn
Not locked into a specific career/job, wants to travel and is looking for marketable skills
Interested in marketing, advertising, online community, social networks, career planning, travel, foreign language (spends lots of time on calendar/time zone sites)