Interview with a designer


I would like to conduct an interview with a designer. I would really appreciate if one of you will be available. I would like to send a few questions and to know your answers based on your experience, so it will not take too long. This will be for reseach purposes.

Thank you very much.


Hi there. Sounds interesting. Would you tell us more about yourself and your research?


Thank you for your reply.
I am a student in the master program of Information Systems at Lund University, Sweden. At the moment, I am following a human computer interaction course and I started writing a paper. The topic is: Mastering the art of failing. So I am trying to explore why designers and people in general are afraid of failing and how can we as designers embrace failures and get the most out of failing.
In the interview I would like to know about your concept of failure, examples of a failed design, how you behaved in that case and what do you think of embracing failures in your design process. These are the main points.
If you are interested, just send me your email and I would send you a few questions.
Thank you very much.


Happy to help!