Interview tips: The critical first five minutes


Some excellent tips in this article. Well worth a read. Anyone got anything to add?


I have one tip to add from my work with sales. When doing interviews ‘out on the street’ by talking to random people or setting up a booth for people to sign up for an interview/user testing, wear clothing to make you appear like you’re in the industry you say you are. For instance, when I was in school at DevMountain, I wore a t-shirt and lanyard with the school logo printed on it and proclaimed myself as a DevMountain student. When I was doing door-to-door sales for a trash service company, we were given reflective construction vests as if we were going to do the service that we were selling ourselves right after we got off their doorstep.

This article has a lot of stuff that I had never thought about before! I will definitely try the ‘sketching the participant’ idea, and I might look at getting some kind of timepiece. However, as I referred to earlier, most of my interviews have been on the street thus far.