Interview questions and how to answer them


I recently went to an interview for a UX design intern position.
The interviewer pulled up an unfinished website his team was working on, and asked me to do a cognitive walkthrough on it.
I pointed out some issues, but since it was unfinished, I couldn’t comment on most issues on the website. There were dummy buttons, blank divs, and the like. I said I cannot come up with more suggestions since a lot of the parts are undone.
I did not get the job.
What is a good way to handle such “on the spot” questions?

On a side note - it’d be great if you could talk about your interview experiences, questions you were asked, and how you handled them.


I love this idea. :slight_smile:

It’s something tha we’ll likely cover in our Slack session on Thursday.


Thank you.
I’m looking forward for the slack session :slight_smile:


I freelanced for a while after leaving full time work, during that period I got into the habit of pitching what I do, and explaining my thinking. I would create a tailored slide deck that would start broad, and then narrow down to a specific project.

When a job came up in a field that I was really interested to work in I decided to use the same approach. I think it’s really useful as you can prepare and describe what you do before these ‘on the spot’ questions arise.


Thats a great tip, thank you.


Its always good to answer the issues with recommendations. Pointing out mistakes is easy and thats the nature of a cognitive walk-through but your recommendations for that issue carry more weight. UX people are more of problem solvers for a design challenge in lay man terms.

Now imagine your the recruiter. You already know what the fault is. So what kind of reply will you be expecting?
A description of an issue you already know or a solution for that existing problem?