Interesting idea – a weekly design challenge


This crossed my desk… No idea if it’s any good but it looks like an interesting premise.

Information that will change our lives!

hmmmm… looks interesting… I “signed up”, so far it’s sent me to the website where it advertises the book. About 5 minutes later I received this exercise… It’s an interesting one!

Weekly Product Design Exercise #1
At the beginning of each new semester or school year, teachers are faced with the challenge of remembering names for a large number of new students.

Design an experience to help an educator match faces to names, with the goal of shortening the time needed to reach complete un-aided accuracy.


My heart sank when I saw that first post but I’m so glad it’s delivered.

That does look like a good challenge. I remain interested!


I did the same and the first exercise is very interesting!
A lot of topics will be involved in designing a tool like this :slight_smile:


Interesting idea. I’m curious to see which other tasks come along.
And looking at the examples, it’s probably not a 5 min task :wink:


It doesn’t look liket a “5 min” exercise to me either, LOL


Have you had another one yet?


I think I got a second one… but haven’t received one this week yet.


Has anyone submitted first one ?


can anyone post the submitted exercise ? Just curious to check out the solutions.!



What’s the motivation behind solving those problems?


Multiple motivations I suspect. Some people do it for the challenge, some for the brain stimulation, some for the practice, some for portfolio examples… etc


I see. I never think of that way. It’s nice. I will do too. Are you participating in it?


I’m not. I wish I had time but I have 4 jobs and 9 year old twins. :wink:


I like this week’s exercise! wish I had time to play around with it.


Thanks for sharing!
Looks like it at least has people interested. I’ll sign up as well.


New one is up!!