Interaction to selection the row

Scenario: After the search, the name list gets populated on the popup window. User needs to select any one of the rows and continue and it which will get added into the next table.

In option 1, the user will select any one of the radio buttons, then press the DONE button to insert the data into the next table.

Option 2: User will click on the row and row will get highlighted & selected with color and then press the done button to insert the data into the next table

Which interaction is more user-friendly or stands in the usability principles

I would go for option 1, this is something that’s more common in general. Also great feedback for the user, because with option users might think it’s a hover or focus effect or so. Also they might expect ,when they click on the row, they are able to edit the name and birth date in the table.

Thanks sandervolbeda for the feedback its really helpful

No problem at all! If you have more questions feel free to drop them and I will answer them if I can.

I would opt for option 1. Of course, it depends on the end-user once again. If your application is used by a non-technical person then they won’t be able to figure out what to do if option 2 has been set.