Infrastructuring for Crowdsourced Co-Design


Hi everyone,
I’m currently doing my master’s thesis about Infrastructuring for Crowdsourced Co-Design. I would like to find out about your current development process and methods for user’s feedback. It would great if take part on the initial survey:

Thank you.


I get a “link unavailable” when I click on it, but the preview here is showing okay. There’s some sort of shenanigans going on.


Here is the link:

Hope it works!


Huh, weird… still getting that message. It may be just me. I’ll try when I’m able on a different network.


The link worked for me.

Good luck on your thesis @delcybonilla91!!


Done. I have some feedback for you too, if that’s cool.

In my experience of continuums, Strongly Disagree is usually to the left and Strongly Agree to the right.
In your survey it is the opposite so I completed the entire thing before I noticed. I wonder if it may sway your results if others do the same.


Thank you! and thanks for the feedback, I have received this comment a couple of times now.