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Hello there. I am happy to have found this excellent UX resource. To answer your questions …

Where in the world are you?
In the middle of the USA.

What stage of your career are you at?
I’m at the “no longer encumbered by the chains of student debt and self-doubt” phase of my career. Finally, I am free to do what I love and confident in what I have to offer.

What are you current challenges?
My current challenges are overcoming the feeling of smarminess inherent in “networking” and selling oneself and finding people and places that will value my experience, my client focus, and my eye for simplicity in design.

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
I am incredibly passionate about the field of UX and excited to discover that all the skills I’ve acquired over the years, that used to seem random, now have a home.

Cats or dogs?
Kittens and puppies


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Welcome @denawieland


Where in the world are you?
Beautiful San Diego, CA :smile:

What stage of your career are you at?
New Grad finishing up my last few credits over summer and fall. Looking for my first UX position!

What are your current challenges?
Fine tuning my portfolio and working on some design projects for fun.

What aspects of UX are passionate about?
Interaction Design
Information Architecture
User Research

Cats or dogs?
I like cats, but dogs are better :wink:


Welcome on board Amon.

Very cool. We have lots of members here that are struggling to put together a portfolio because they’re not yet working. How did you approach yours?


I used squarespace to create my portfolio and populated it with projects that I’ve completed during my time in school. I have a few websites/apps and a couple of other design related projects too.

Also, I learned about a successful UX interview through Mike Locke’s YouTube channel where the interviewee had a website about Potatoes that he designed just for fun. So now I’m starting to work on my website about the awesomeness of chocolate :joy:. It’ll be on my portfolio soon enough!

  1. Hi :D. I live in Denmark. Two years ago i got a Masters in IT Product Development at University of Aarhus.

  2. Started my own company ( ) 4 years ago while studying. Now we are a 3 people working full time. We use 50% of our time doing consulting. The rest of the time we work hard to develop our own products.

  3. Right now we try to make the fly. It is a UX tool for sketching apps in hand.

  4. I’m most interested in app design and how function is communicated through animations, shape etc.
    I use a lot of my spare time on combining electronics, hardware and software into something usefull and pretty.

  5. I really like fluffy cats. But i’m not so hooked on having animal hair everywhere.

Best regards, Tobisas


@tobiasalroe, what did you find the hardest about starting your own company? Any advice to anyone thinking about going that route?


You have to make sure you get a cat the same colour as your furniture.

Oh, and you can only wear clothes that colour too. :wink:

  • Bangalore, India
  • Basic
  • Getting projects, teaming up
  • Ability to create a mesmerizing experience
  • Both


Hi @dougcollins.
The hardest thing is that you are in charge all the time. You have to make all decisions even though you don’t feel qualified to take them. I am grateful that me and my friend started the company together. I don’t think I trust myself enough or have the courage to start a company on my own. It helps a lot when you are two!

The second advice would be to get a mentor or start meeting with other startups and founders. When you are working with your own ideas and products you miss opportunities all the time. Other people that is not part of your company gives you new and important perspectives on what you are doing.

A third thing would be to get a personality test - JTI or something like that. And then use it to understand how you behave. I’m a strong introvert. Only through a lot of training have I become able to go to meetings and not have to sleep the rest of the day afterwards due to exhaustion.

But DO it. If you think you would be a happier person - DO IT NOW. I love having my company. It makes the life much better :smiley:


Where in the world are you?
The southern region of the Netherlands. Although I often travel around… so it’s probably temporary!

What stage of your career are you at?
I’m currently a Communication and Multimedia Design student. Next year I will (hopefully) graduate.

What are you current challenges?
Improving my skills to increase the chance for a job I love after I graduate. I try to by working at a company as a Junior UX designer and reading/learning about UX online. (school isn’t very “complete” on the whole UX learning thing)

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
The challenge to “invent” new (and original) UX and creating solutions that the target group embraces and understands.

Cats or dogs?
If I wouldn’t have a boyfriend I’d probably end up with 10 cats. People already call me “cat lady”. :smiley:

  1. Istanbul, Turkey.
  2. I’ve been an advertisement person for 9 years. Worked mainly in digital agencies doing strategy, design and copywriting before switching to UX design. After striving for one year to introduce user centric design principles to my agency, I gave up and left the agency gigs for good. I’m now working for Arcelik (The parent company of Beko and Grundig, one of the top ten home appliance manufacturers in the world) dealing mainly with in-house IoT projects. It’s been less than two months now…
  3. There are a lot of stakeholders in the projects I work in right now (R&D, industrial design, product management and marketing to name a few) and it’s quite a challenge to have everybody see eye to eye.
  4. I love everything about testing, whether it’s paper prototype or a final product. User behavior is the ultimate judge of ideas, it doesn’t matter if the idea belongs to a jr designer or the CEO :slight_smile:
  5. Even though my dog snores incredibly loudly, I’m still a dog person :dog:


Where in the world are you?
Bangalore, India… I think i am the first Indian who joins in this forum :smile: correct me if wrong…

What stage of your career are you at?
I am a full stack web application developer.I have started my carrier as a backend developer and moved to UI development and continuing now as a UI developer deals with AngularJS , html, css etc…, Looking for a guidance to move and stay for long in UX

What are you current challenges?
I am already started to read UX related books/blogs etc., started reviewing my company’s existing applications and learning tools like Axure. Need to make sure am i going in a right path… ?? is these things are enough to go and ask my manager to change my role to UX…

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
Before i start reading the Don Norman’s “The design of everyday things”, i was thinking that UX is just like a beatification stuff which is applicable only in web pages. But after completing one or two pages, i found i was wrong. I am basically use to comment/review on real time objects like road traffic system, Interior design, taps in restrooms, sign boards etc…, and try to define a solution for some of those. So after reading few pages of the book, i realized this is my dream role, And i will love what i do, that is something missed with my current role. And also i don’t want to stop my creative thinking in only on the web applications. Basically very much interested to think through and spend time in analysis…

Cats or dogs?

Over all i would like to appreciate this story writing idea. which helps me to find the similarities of UX ppl and also helps me to justify myswlf in UX skills.


Welcome @zoeseekles, @bssenol and @gopiktr – great to meet you all.

You need to connect with @laciwhite48!

We already have quite a few! Meet @jaisonjustus, @arunjm, @enlightened_06 (no longer in India), @uidesigner, @Raashi, @Shills, @diyad and @karthick5393 – I’m sure there are others too.


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  1. I’m currently based in Birmingham, UK.
  2. I’m Ten years in the Web Design industry been
    doing UX for the past two years, in my job I do the UX Design from low fidelity
    too high fidelity designs

  3. At the moment I keep getting taken off projects

to our other clients designs out, I would like to stay on one project to the

  1. I love building a basic wireframe then seeing it

grow to an end product, knowing the usability for that website or app is there.

  1. I have no pets but I do have a cat that comes

around for feeding sometimes.


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Hey everyone!
I am new here. Been designing for the screen since the late 90s. Most of my work has been for the web, with some app design work, branding, and ux design added. I also wear other hats such as sales, pm, team leadership.

I enjoy seeing how UX design continues to evolve and how I may apply the best of what works to solving problems.

I have no pets. :slight_smile: