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Hey Jacqui, welcome! We used to ask people to write their full UX story here, but I thought it might have been a bit daunting to some, so I started this new format, which is working well.

If you’re interested in becoming one of our Gold Members, then writing a full story is part of the deal.

That aside, it’s great to have you here. Welcome on board!


I am an SEO Director of a marketing company having worked my way through the ranks.
In order of difficulty - Children, startup, SEO
Simplicity and space.


Thanks, I will have a look at the UX story as I think this is something I would be interested in. :slight_smile:


Love it and I hear ya! I have twins.


Where in the world are you? I currently split my time between Yorktown, VA, and Washington, DC

What stage of your career are you at? Interesting story, that. I’ve been involved in web design for about 14 years, only worked professionally as a front-end wonk/programmer for about four years, my last seven years have been spent as a maritime officer in a variety of roles but programming never left me. So, i guess you could say I’m an experienced professional with a newbie’s portfolio.

What are you current challenges? T-4 months to unemployment, and I don’t have much to show potential UI/UX employers.

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about? I’ve been a UX nut since before I knew what UX was. I love being able to simplify an experience for people. Outside of the web world I loved being able to make my shipmates safer by applying UI principles to our Emergency Response Manuals.

Cats or dogs?
Tough choice, but, if I ever have the room and time again, I want dog.


I’m in Boca Raton, FL.
I’m currently working in a non-design related field, doing application and technical support for an online brokerage firm. I’m currently weighing different education options while self-teaching to become a UI/UX designer full-time.
My current challenges are feeling like I’m getting the concepts and a good design sense but currently struggling producing what I feel is quality work to build a portfolio. I feel that some formal training from a program might help take me over that edge.
I’m very passionate about user flows, wireframing and mockups when it comes to UX.
I’ve had both but definitely more a cat person!



Welcome on board.

[quote=“uxjeremy, post:71, topic:669”]
I feel that some formal training from a program might help take me over that edge.
[/quote] Chat with @chrisux – he’s done some pretty extensive research into the training options that are out there. We also have a list of online UX courses here and UX and related degrees here that might be of use.


I also recently learned that the School of Visual Arts in New York has an Interaction Design MFA program, which isn’t on that list.


Where in the world are you?

  • Hi everyone. I’m Mary Shaw, UX designer in Norwalk, CT USA. It’s about an hour away from New York City.

What stage of your career are you at?

  • I’ve been in web design for 20 years. I started as a project manager and switched to IA/UX in 2006. Right now I’m an independent UX consultant. I work with large corporations in the New York City area and serve as a UX Design Mentor for Career Foundry.

What are you current challenges?

  • I’m moving away from agency work and toward going direct to companies and startups.
  • Because I’m also a mom, I’m somewhat limited to the amount of onsite work I can do for clients. This means I have to make sure they are ok with a remote working arrangement before we agree to move forward with a project.

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?

  • Sketching, user research and finding the sweet spot between business needs and user goals.
  • I’m want to help marketers and business owners learn to talk less about themselves and more about how they can solve real customer problems :slight_smile:

Cats or dogs? Dogs!!


Awesome! There is a form at the bottom of the page which allows you to submit new degrees.


Fantastic. We get lots of questions about the Career Foundry program so it will be handy to have you on board. Welcome. :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks! I’m happy to help :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, just thought I should introduce myself too before posting elsewhere…

  • Where in the world are you?

    Ballina, NSW, Australia

  • What stage of your career are you at?

    Transitioning into a UX Designer. Currently I'm working from home running my own web consultant business, but I'm keen to get out there and make a difference in the UX world

  • What are you current challenges?

    Just figuring out were to start is my biggest challenge

  • What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?

    I love the idea of being able to make informed decisions based on real world data, user testing, a/b testing and the like. I'd like to be able to make complex tasks super easy and fun

  • Cats or dogs?

    Dogs - my wife is allergic to cats, plus we have Blue Tongued lizards in our garden which we enjoy having around

  • :slight_smile:


Welcome on board Mark. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

My name is Julia, and I am from Kharkov, Ukraine.

I work for a company developing ecommerce solutions for businesses as ecommerce analyst, so I have to deal with UX when not every day but often.

The main challenges we often face are how to unite all the business requirements into easy-to-use and still outstanding frontend interfaces for site visitors.



Hi my name is Radhaiyen Parivallal. I am from Chennai India. People call me Raddy as its shorter and easier to pronounce. UX designer, visual designer , traveler , nature lover that is me.
Where in the world are you?
I am currently in Indianapolis USA doing my masters in Human Computer Interaction in Indiana University.
What stage of your career are you at?
I am a grad student and seeking full time in UX to implement my awesome skills! :smiley:
What are you current challenges?
Getting good at interviews, Improving the way I approach a problem space and cater designs to it.
What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
Designing delightful experiences makes me passionate.
Cats or dogs?
Cats. I had one stray cat and three of her kittens when i grew up. Became a cat lover ever since.


Where in the world are you? Currently London, until Spetember when I likely get the boot, then back to San Francisco.
What stage of your career are you at? Hmm… Interesting question. In UX? newish…
What are your current challenges?

  • How to advance my skills on a daily basis, especially without a real project and working on a team.

  • Where to focus and how to prioritize what to focu s on (unicorns !? eg front end, product management, UI, interaction)

  • Access to intermediate/beyond 101 material and hands on workshops

  • How to also prepare myself for UX in AI, AR, IOT etc.

  • Establishing my credibility, especially as the expectation of what that is varies so much and everyone in web is now branding themselves as such

  • I could go on…

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about? Tough question. All of it! If I had to choose I guess ux strat.


Welcome Julia. :slight_smile:

You should chat with @rachelreveley and @louise_campbell1 – they both work have ecommerce experience.


Where in the world are you? A big Hi! from The Netherlands, Utrecht
What stage of your career are you at? Used to be in Project Management for creative productions, but now turning around to UX. After the first “OMG this UX – it’s me!” I’m now learning and learning and working on my first usability test for a mobile app. Supercool to do!
What are you current challenges? Childeren (like mattonux :wink: gaining knowledge and practical experience
What aspect/s of UX are passionate about? Research, organizing, visual thinking and bringing the message ;D
Cats or dogs? Cat, one is enough