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I’ve been many, many times – Ubud is one of the truly beautiful, peaceful places in the world. It won’t happen again in the near future unfortunately, I have too many other things planned!

Love it.


Hey all! I’m James from London. I’m 34 and currently trying to change careers. I work in IT support for and Insurance Broker in the big smoke but I’m passionate about becoming a UX Designer.

What brings me here?
I became interested in UX Design a little over a year ago now and fell into a course at CareerFoundry. I enjoyed my time during the course and learned a fair bit considering I had no prior knowledge of UX before starting.

Since leaving the course I haven’t really done much in terms of UX, alot has being going on in my personal life and my job role has changed quite drastically. I’ve also felt quite uninspired, which is why I believe I have distanced myself from pushing for a UX career.

BUT, UX is where I want to be, it must be because it’s on my mind pretty much most days. I want to be inspired again and I believe that being part of the UX Mastery community will really help with that. Studying UX and working on bits at home has made me feel quite lonely (queue the awwwwwwwws) and I feel UX is very much a team/community topic so I wanted to pop by and say hi to everyone.

At the moment I’m involved in a couple of projects - basically some website builds for a couple of companies so maybe picking some peoples brains on here at some point :slight_smile:

My current challenges are that my knowledge is limited - the course gave me an insight into UX processes but I really need to utilise these to really understand the value of each.
Another challenge is how to sell myself, I’m inexperienced compared to a lot of people in London and so how can I add value to a company, favourably a UX Design agency.

I’m passionate about the whole UX process - which is what attracted me from the very beginning. Originally I was looking towards a career in front end development but pushing pixels around a screen wasn’t satisfying and I had no idea if I was actually helping solve a problem. With a UCD you can really get to target specific areas and actually make a difference (well, from what I’ve seen and read about you can)

Cats or dogs? Dogs! However, if it was dogs or sharks then defo sharks! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for reading!


It totally will! We’re all about the UX. :wink:
Glad you’ve joined us James.[quote=“jamespayne, post:270, topic:669”]
Another challenge is how to sell myself, I’m inexperienced compared to a lot of people in London and so how can I add value to a company, favourably a UX Design agency.

You need this! Louise is a fantastic careers transition coach.


Hi Guys, Senior UI UX design architect, worked at Intuit, HP, Toshiba, Dell, and currently at Teradata.
Currently in San Diego, and UX is my true passion.
Started this journey by getting my Computer Science degree, 5 years in Graphic Design Press house, 4 Years of HCI degree, was fortunate to work with Major companies, studied lean Ux, and Agile Lean, which lead to writting a small 5 min ebook about Lean ux which is currently on
and now teaching my self Angular Material.
My portfolio is


Hey Art,
Welcome. :slight_smile: People with your experience are super valuable here. Looking forward to learning from you.


Hello, my name is John

Where in the world are you? Northern Virginia

What stage of your career are you at? Somewhat of an Intermediate in UX. I’ve been a Graphic Designer for over 10 years and now I want to transition into a career as a UX Designer.

What are your current challenges? Revamping my portfolio to reflect a UX Designer and acquiring experience.

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about? Learning about a user, what makes them tick, their motivations and problems and how I can provide the best solution to make their lives easier.

Cats or dogs? I enjoy both.


Cool! You’ll find many people in the same boat here. Welcome. :slight_smile:


really glad to join this great minds, this user friendly community :slight_smile:
This is my first shot, I’ll start by my answers:

  • Saudi Arabia, just 8 months ago.
  • Senior UX/UI Designer
  • Challenging the new work envirounment, I used to work online for the past 4 years before I come to Riyadh (8 months ago); working in the office for a fulltime job, feeling a junior in this agian!
  • User feedbak’s effect on design evolution; even after analysis, design and testing, users’ fedback is a great input you can use to define the 80/20 features and how you should change your CTA (call to action) attitude and more.
  • I’ll go with both, cats & dogs.


Where in the world are you?
What stage of your career are you at?
What are you current challenges?
What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
Cats or dogs?

I am in Bogotá Colombia
I’m Lead UX / UI in a digital agency
Integrate UX processes into the work of the agency
The user integration to the projects and the UX strategy


I just joined a few weeks ago and haven’t got the time to look though this amazing community!!

  1. I’m Yi CHEN (Vicky), and easily u can guess, I’m a Chinese, but currently study at Sydney
  2. Quite early stage. I just transferred my major to interaction design & try to equip myself a little bit piece of academic knowledge about UX. I’ve pretty interested in this area, and eager to absorb as much knowledge as I can whether in filed or in books; :slight_smile: anyone can give advice to find an UX intern with little experience, I would be much appreciated. Before jumping to this area, I was a business student & communication major as well, I learned some front-end language e.g. CSS, JAVASCRIPT … as well as some software technical skills & online courses. I found UX is so much fun to finally achieve my real-dream as a designer!
  3. Currently, like I stated before, the Intern just to get more field knowledge. 1. UX knowledge structure, many UX knowledges consists of psychologies, analytics … I was overwhelming by all aspects of abilities that UX designers need to learn and I want to do my best. 2. where I can find opportunities to do some UX-related projects?
    4.My passionate of UX is thinking of humans and it would be the big tendency of the world after many years. UX can be extended more as the Artificial Intelligence/VR all develops, we are surrounded by the interaction with machines, we are at the center of technology and future!!! Also, UX is a combination of all-years learning of my life, so much fun to dig out user’s undefined issues.
  4. Definitely dogs. But my girlfriend says, dog for me, cat for her.


Hey Vicky, great to hear from you.

Have you thought about approaching a school/museum/not-for-profit and offering to do some work for free. That way you get the experience (and the portfolio piece) without the added time pressure of a paid job.


Hi ux_dude,

Welcome, your coding background is a real asset. There are some great resources on UXMastery to help develop all the other skills.



Hi all!

I’m so excited about this community! My name is Kiell.

-I’m located in Minneapolis, Minnesota (US).
-I’m in the early stages of my UX career; I’m in a career change and I am about halfway through an 18 week bootcamp-style UX program, which I love so far.
-My current challenges? I’ll be looking for a job pretty soon in the field, and I think that finding a company willing to take on a fledgling UXer will be my challenge. I have a lot of experience in other fields though, and I’m pretty adaptable and curious. Most recently I did direct client service in the nonprofit sector and prior to that I was processing waste in Antarctica.
-I’m drawn to the research and writing side of things right now and working with users, especially things like contextual inquiry, usability testing, and evaluative methods. I like the act of synthesis and trying to make sense of the information!
-Cats or dogs? I like dogs but somehow always end up with cats!

Nice to (e)meet you all!


Hi Kiell,

It’s great to meet you. I’ll bet you’ve got some interesting UX perspective from your stint in Antarctica, not to mention your job duties there!



Phoenix, Arizona
Just beginning looking at show
Designing usability platforms


I’m new here and hello!
Live in New Jersey, USA. I’m at an early stage of UX, I think. I’ve been working as a graphic/ web designer, before deciding to transition into UX last year. I find it challenging to finish my portfolio and securing a job, in terms of practicing and growing in UX. I’m especially passionate about the idea of designing for people, to make their tasks less daunting when faced with a product.
Both fluffy and small.


Ha. Love it.

Welcome Ann. :slight_smile:

  1. I am currently living in Barcelona, Spain (I recommend you to visit the city, is awesome!).
  2. I am just starting. I have been working as Front-End Developer for 3 years and now I am starting to focus on UX. I have been dealing all the time with UX problems at work (I work in a small IoT startup based here in Barcelona -> thethings.iO ) so I started to be interested in this field.
  3. Now my main challenge is my blog, where I try to teach to my audience about a wide variety of topics (UX/UI, Digital Marketing, Branding, Entrepreneurship). Now I am working on getting new subscribers and generate cooler content.
  4. I am not sure yet, but I really love A/B Testing.
  5. Dogs of course!



Hi there!

I’m Sandra, and I’m from New Zealand but currently in Sydney studying at General Assembly to become a UX designer in their Immersive course. I’ve just completed my 4th week, and at the end of the course in 6-8 weeks I will go back to New Zealand to pursue a new career in UX.

Current challenge is learning it all and figuring out how to apply it to the real world when I leave.

What I love about UX is being able to be creative, problem solving and helping people. Making life easier for people in general.

Both Cats and Dogs! :slight_smile:


Hi Sandra,


@HAWK will be tickled to have another UXer close by. She’s from New Zealand also.

We have some threads around here about the different boot camps. (I’m on my pad right now, I’ll look for links later if you’d like.) Feel free to throw your two cents in on those. Or pounds. I confess I don’t know which currency y’all use down there. :expressionless: