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I’m new here and hello!
Live in New Jersey, USA. I’m at an early stage of UX, I think. I’ve been working as a graphic/ web designer, before deciding to transition into UX last year. I find it challenging to finish my portfolio and securing a job, in terms of practicing and growing in UX. I’m especially passionate about the idea of designing for people, to make their tasks less daunting when faced with a product.
Both fluffy and small.


Ha. Love it.

Welcome Ann. :slight_smile:

  1. I am currently living in Barcelona, Spain (I recommend you to visit the city, is awesome!).
  2. I am just starting. I have been working as Front-End Developer for 3 years and now I am starting to focus on UX. I have been dealing all the time with UX problems at work (I work in a small IoT startup based here in Barcelona -> thethings.iO ) so I started to be interested in this field.
  3. Now my main challenge is my blog, where I try to teach to my audience about a wide variety of topics (UX/UI, Digital Marketing, Branding, Entrepreneurship). Now I am working on getting new subscribers and generate cooler content.
  4. I am not sure yet, but I really love A/B Testing.
  5. Dogs of course!



Hi there!

I’m Sandra, and I’m from New Zealand but currently in Sydney studying at General Assembly to become a UX designer in their Immersive course. I’ve just completed my 4th week, and at the end of the course in 6-8 weeks I will go back to New Zealand to pursue a new career in UX.

Current challenge is learning it all and figuring out how to apply it to the real world when I leave.

What I love about UX is being able to be creative, problem solving and helping people. Making life easier for people in general.

Both Cats and Dogs! :slight_smile:


Hi Sandra,


@HAWK will be tickled to have another UXer close by. She’s from New Zealand also.

We have some threads around here about the different boot camps. (I’m on my pad right now, I’ll look for links later if you’d like.) Feel free to throw your two cents in on those. Or pounds. I confess I don’t know which currency y’all use down there. :expressionless:


I am in the Great Lakes State (Michigan) of the United States.

I have been in a UX role for about 3 years with an emphasis on research and strategy for much of that time.
Current challenges are working with teams outside of UX more effectively, and getting rapid feedback during design sprints. We are working on implementing a form of dual track agile which may help with that. My focus will be outside of sprints and help designers get user feedback mid-sprint.

I am most passionate about research and strategy. I like to keep people at the center of the work we do. It is a greater challenge than I would like it to be sometimes, but a fight worth fighting.

Currently cats, but I am not opposed to a good dog.


I’ve only ever met 1 good dog. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome – great to have you here.

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My name is Jonas. And this is some information about me.

  1. Gothenburg, Sweden

  2. I am an UX-design student. Later this year i will be an UX-design intern at a company in Stockholm, Sweden.

  3. My challenges right now are getting ready for internship. I am trying to figure out how to take all my knowledge I learned at school and do it in practice. I´m a little bit nervous about the internship and that i’m not good enough.

  4. I think it is important to have a broad and inclusive mindset. I have a great interest for communication and the ways in which we can improve the ways in which we communicate. It can be anything from a website design to a poster in town.

  5. I like all animals!


Welcome, @jonas_hallehn! My wife and I have played with the idea of moving to Sweden, as her mother is Swedish and many of her family members live there. I’m curious what the UX job market is like out that direction. Do you have any thoughts on the subject you’d like to share?


Oh, thats cool! The UX job market will grow in the coming years. There are more and more companies that have understood the importance of the users and their experience.


You are good enough. :slight_smile: You have imposter sydrome and guess what? We all get it. Have a read of this topic.

She has multiple Swedish mothers? Amazing!


Well dang. That’s what I get for being lazy while re-typing my responses.

As it happens, she has a mother who is Swedish, and a step-mother… who is from Texas. They are very different people.

  1. Where in the world are you?
    Frankfurt, Germany - moving to Berlin

  2. What stage of your career are you at?
    I am at the very beginning of my UX career! I studied economics and am currently working as a strategy & management consultant for NGOs and NPOs. I did a lot of design thnking workshops with clients and agile project management though, so that’s my starting point. :blush:

  3. What are you current challenges?
    Keeping up the courage to move to a new city and change careers :fearful: Deep down I know it’s the right thing to do for me. I started with the udemy basic UX guide by David Travis and plan to build a nice portfolio and get to know experienced UX designers to learn from them. I want get “out there” asap.

  4. What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
    The users! I draw a lot of motivation from people who have an actual need that I can adress. To me having to sell somtheing to a person who doesn’t even want it is the worst - I want to understand the true needs of a person and create something that brings a bit of happiness into their life. :smile:

  5. Cats or dogs?
    Both - I adore most animals. Being around them never fails to soothe me.

Looking forward to becoming a part of this beautiful community :relieved:


Good on you! You’ve got this. And welcome. :slight_smile:


So I’ve never actually participated in a “design thinking” workshop. What does one entail? Would you recommend it if I can find one?


Hello, everyone!! I just joined.

There’s just so much goodness here at UX Mastery and I’ve been a spectator far too long. I’m hoping I can help new UX designers (and those wanting to enter UX) as much as possible.

Where in the world are you?
Seattle metro area.

What stage of your career are you at?
20+ years experience. I’ve worked at large companies, startups as well as my own consulting practice. I specialize in application design.

What are your current challenges?
Trying to squeeze at least 5 more hours out of each day :slight_smile:

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
I’m most interested in helping other UX designers build truly remarkable portfolios so they could land the job of their choice.

Throughout my career as a hiring manager, I’ve reviewed countless portfolios and am amazed how poorly the majority of UX job candidates represent themselves and their work.

Cats or dogs?
I love both. I’m especially fond of cats.


That’s fantastic and very much appreciated.


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