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Holy cow this is a long thread!

  1. Work and Life in Chicago

  2. A brick mason with a background in web design and development -> did that for a decade++ -> picked up work in front-end development -> worked a bit on top of node.js -> now for over two years I’m a professional plate spinner in a very open role spanning across Account and Project Management. Drawn to UX and Design Thinking, Lean, to help identify, clarify, improve projects and process, and also coach clients.

  3. challenging clients, challenging projects and duties, challenging company processes and expectations, challenging work/life balance :smiley: - inspiring team and clients, finding the space for the right activities, working with a team that really values a process.

  4. I’m not sure what aspects of UX I’m passionate about. On the fringier side moving up from actual UX activities, I like how it makes me think about creation centered on Human Values while in a business setting. eg: look at how ‘likes’ have turned into a generative economy.

  5. The cat riding the dog


Do you currently live in Warsaw? I was just there in August hanging around Praga 2.


Very cool! I’m working on coaching and leading my team’s more difficult clients towards valuing strategy in a digital space, instead of hurrying into tactics. I think introducing product ideas, design thinking processes is coming up quickly.

where have you been looking? (sorry for the unsolicited advice which follows :\ ) first i’d i learned html/css mainly, with some appended js to it - enough to be able to some get things done (handmake a responsive css grid, style things, then attach js functionality). I looked for smaller wordpress shops and offered myself - all these companies can use the help and they are probably looking at personality, desire/ability to learn. I found one and honestly worked for free for a long time, which is what I tell people before mentioning that I never had a cheaper and more fruitful education. I used that experience to get paying work and eventually transitioned out of it (which was not actually my goal at the time). However, I imagine the entry point doesn’t even have to be development - just find ways of making the work visible.


That’s a good idea about offering my services for free to wordpress shops. Do you have any recommendations on how to find them?

I have mostly been looking on LinkedIn – trying to gauge where I need to be in terms of skills and experience to actually get a UX job. I have several UX contacts (at least one of which I can call a mentor) who are also helping to guide me but none who have been able to throw me any work lately. Again, i’m not throwing my whole weight at landing a job right now because I’m working on learning additional skills (coding mostly, via CodeSchool) and building a nice portfolio and website. I really appreciate the advice.


I have heard people say not to offer work for free because it’s devaluing, but that was simply the path I took at the time. In fact, I finished the codeschool JS journey while interning there.

Where would I look? I would search something like “x agencies in city” and find a contact email. Not long ago I was interested in branding and specifically this 1 company that I thought had really cool and consistent aesthetic and tone and I was wondering how they achieved that. I did get in touch with someone there and after a few emails we planned to meet, but things fell through. I was doing something a bit different though, I was not only offering free service since I currently work pretty much full time. Thinking about it now though gives me another idea on how to approach that…

Portfolio - i think this should help get paid work. as they say, do any of the following: be able to explain your decisions, show any possible measurable improvements, show the maturation of the idea (each wherever applicable). i think whatever i’m calling a ux portfolio is terrible though, i don’t do any of this. my dev portfolio was better though which is what got me in, in the first place.


Hi all,

I just joined the community and posted in Tools, and I figured it would be impolite not to make an introduction. So here we go:

  1. I’m currently based in my hometown, Milan (Italy). But I’ve been a digital nomad for the past couple of years, mainly in SE Asia
  2. I am a marketing strategist with about 5 years experience and I own a small marketing agency with some partners.
  3. As per my post, I need to test and launch a customer journey mapping platform I’ve created.
  4. UX is not my main area of expertise. But I have created and launched several products before, from conception to UX to UI design to product management and most recently, programming. I have worked a lot for the large distribution/retail sectors, and I am passionate about the “omnichannel” aspects of UX: i.e., the holistic synergy between online and offline touchpoints, and how they come together to create a delightful journey for the user. I would also love to learn about the UX designer’s profession: is there some kind of “checklist” of essential stuff a UX designer needs to know?
  5. Monkeys.



It is. I’m thinking about cutting it and starting over again to make it more usable. What do you reckon?


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Welcome guys – great to hear such a diverse group.


What an awesome idea Hawk,

Where in the world are you?
Upstate NY ~ About 1.15 hours north of NYC in the Hudson Valley.

What stage of your career are you at?
I am brand spanking new!

Well kinda,I just turned 26, I did 5 years of Help desk / desktop Analyst IT work - Found a passion for web development early last year. Took a Front end boot camp later last year. Lost my job at the end of December due to lay offs at my contracting company which threw me into a spiral with my Web Dev studies. In February I got offer a job as a Banker at a large institution that sports their main color as blue :laughing: Thus far I’ve decided I really really like UX /UI and want to still job change into the field… if possible by next June.

What are you current challenges?
Getting a remote job as a UX/UI designer. Or any job at that fact.

I have to pick a boot camp and I hope that will get me ready for this endeavor :slight_smile:

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
I love beautiful things. Including web apps, mobiles apps, branding and even desktop apps. When I go to a website and it looks clean and the buttons do amazing things, and I can make my way around that site without second guessing myself, it makes me really happy. Designing something like this for companies, businesses etc every day would make me really happy.

Cats or dogs?

I had a Dachshund when I was younger, he was theeeee best.


Yes, I live and work in Warsaw. Praga 2? Do you mean North or South?


Thanks for these practical and encouraging words a fews months ago. I’ve been working hard to get my portfolio together and I’m glad to finally say I’m at a point where I’m ready for public feedback and coaching. I’m not a typical candidate (what is that anyway?) - my background is in HR. Both of my case studies are HR related. I didn’t see a portfolio conversation category here so where is the best place to showcase my portfolio and get feedback from this community? Thanks so much!


Start a new topic in careers for now. I’m looking at a category reshuffle to include a feedback section and will move posts around when that happens.

Looking forward to seeing it. :slight_smile:

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Great! Thanks for the guidance. I’ll post it shortly.


So my story starts when I joined this company while studying photography, I will work in their customer service team part time while studying what I liked.
Even though I was doing photo Web Design was something that really got my attention and I was very curious about. Long story short after going from one role to another in the company I would finally had the opportunity to join the design team as a Junior. From then on my boss and mentor will teach me everything and myself with tutorials at home too.
I have been in this company for many years growing as a designer bit by bit until they decided we needed a UX department. I really liked the idea of UX and I also tried to train myself on it and inform and lear as much as I could in my free time which it paid off as now they have given me the opportunity to be a UX Developer.
I am very new on the subject as I have worked in my new role from January only so this blog is great help! You will see me around a lot for sure! :slight_smile:


That’s such a great story! Let us know how we can support you on your journey. :slight_smile:

  • I live in New Jersey, US
  • I’m transitioning from digital designer to UX design. I’ve taken many online courses about UX and I can’t read enough books on the subject.
  • My current challenges are: Nailing down a practical process for UX that I can use with a small team and creating a portfolio to show off some work experience.
  • I am passionate about usability testing, interaction design and empathy.
  • Dogs… I don’t care for cats too much.


1. Where in the world are you?
Hello im from Java, Indonesia, South East Asia
2. What stage of your career are you at?
Im product designer and now i begin to stepped into ux field. now i worked on startup in bali that develop shopping application.
3. What are you current challenges?
My current challenges is looking right way/methods that fit in my company.
4. What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
I am very curious when it come to analyse about user behaviour, and feel empathy with them. Think a strategy to extract some information from user (interview, observation etc). Dive deep and try to understand them, build an strategy, flow and create the path for them.
5. Cats or dogs?
dog !


@dougcollins @ranjeet_waikar - To add to what Doug said, if the company has had no previous UX input you will indeed be the expert. That can be scary - you will feel unsure sometimes and other times really not know. But like Doug said you will get to try stuff out. You can also do research to find things out, ask questions (like on here) and then there is my favorite: say to people “I don’t know… I would have to ask some users”.

:slight_smile: Good luck!


Welcome on board @ggestadanu – I love Indonesia. :slight_smile: