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Hey @ari_rahmati , I saw on your website some articles you wrote. Nice! I would like to share with you one I just wrote about the UXD Framework I’m working on. What do you think?


Hello all! Just wanted to formally introduce myself to the community. I’m Tin. I’m a visual designer hoping to transition into UX. (-:

  • Where in the world are you?
    I’m from the Philippines, but I had been living in Singapore for the past 10 years. I’ll be moving to Europe next year.
  • What stage of your career are you at?
    I’ve been working as a graphic designer (in advertising, publications and marketing) for over 10 years now, but planning to transition to UX when I move out of the country.
  • What are you current challenges?
    Starting over everything, from my career and my life when I move to another continent next year. I haven’t worked outside the Asian market so I’m expecting a huge learning curve in there in terms of work culture, aesthetic etc… I also expect that being a mid-career professional, I might be at a disadvantage.
  • What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
    I like design research and data analysis. I wish this was integrated when I was still starting in my work and studying design. Well, it’s never too late to start over yea?
  • Cats or dogs?
    Dogs. They are love made flesh.


A user vs. business-centric company kind of discussion.

Maybe it’s possible to compromise sometimes. Business stakeholders are also internal users after all, and the UX professional has the challenging task of considering multiple user/stakeholder needs: end-users/business/technology. UX discipline involves, and finds itself within, the confluence of this trinity.


Where in the world are you?

What stage of your career are you at?

That’s a good question. I decided to transition two years ago from being a web developer. It took a lot of freelancing and luck before I landed my first fulltime UX job at a well-known media company where I am currently working at. I feel very fortunate. I think I skipped being junior and currently mid-level.

What are you current challenges?

I love UX but I’m not sure where I want to with my career.

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?

Doing research, talking to users, prototyping, usability testing

Cats or dogs?



100% yeah.

Welcome Tin. Glad you’re here.


Interesting. What’s your current thinking?


Will give it a read and send you a message when I’m done. Looking forward to it!


Senior UX designer? I don’t know if I’m cut out to be a manager or director.


Where in the world are you? Chesapeake, VA
What stage of your career are you at? Front End Developer pursuing UX Designer, Product Designer, Interaction Designer. Still figuring it out.
What are you current challenges? Finding a place to work when I can explore more of the UX side vs just code. Also, trying to tailor my resume to show more of my skills that relate to UX practices
Ambassadorship/Management (or both?) Maybe ambassador for now and possibly add on management later
What aspect/s of UX are passionate about? Empathy and problem solving. I’m constantly redesigning my workflow as well as others. Whenever I use a product or interact with someone in every day life, my brain automatically brainstorms tests, survey questions, and different approaches to make things either more pleasant or more efficient.
Cats or dogs? I have cats but I definitely want a dog. I feel like dogs fit my personality better.


Location: As Southwest as you can get in the US.

Stage: Transitioning into UX from Crisis Counseling.

Challenges: Deciding on whether to purchase a $$$$ UX Online Course.

UX Passion: The lovechild of Usability Engineering and Visual Design.

Cats or Dogs: Dogs ride in cars with their heads out the window. Dogs, no contest.


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Wow, just reading this now. There is enough wealthy information that could make a book. I am loving this @fabricio_kassick.


Hi @ari_rahmati , very nice to hear it from you!


Hello there! I’m a 17 y.o. from the Philippines. Nice to meet you!


Wow so young! Thanks for the welcome. :grinning:


Here I am:
Where in the world are you?
Rome, Italy
What stage of your career are you at?
Senior professional
What are you current challenges?
Optimizing e-commerce experiences
What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
Cats or dogs?
All creatures, no preferences


Hey Alessandro, welcome! What is the UX scene like in Rome? Is it mature?


Hey @fabricio_kassick sent you a message to your inbox - did you receive it?

  • Where in the world are you?: India, Pune
  • What stage of your career are you at?: Principal Design and Usability Engineer
  • What are you current challenges?: Setting Up A UX Lab
  • What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?: Problem Solving and Better User Experience
  • Cats or dogs?: I have Both of them, So cute


Fantastic to have you here! Welcome.