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Sounds like an interesting challenge! How is it going so far?


Yeah, really well. There is a lot to learn but it’s very interesting!


Where in the world are you? Melbourne, Australia
What stage of your career are you at? Very beginning! Just winding up my current job as a Finance Manager later this month then embarking on a 10 week UX intensive at Academy Xi in Melbourne
What are you current challenges? How broad UX Design is! Where to start first? How to create a portfolio
What aspect/s of UX are passionate about? I am fascinated with the psychology of human behavior so User Research is a passion. I love the idea of the collaboration within UX Design.
Cats or dogs? Cats. Except for Cavalier king Charles spaniel :wink:

  • Seattle

  • Mid level UX Designer

  • Just started with a large enterprise company, so trying to synchronize their design language and update their UX processes.

  • Passionate about strategy, implementation, and getting user feedback.

  • Alaskan Malemutes, especially as I’m deathly allergic to cats.


Hey Carolyn. You’ll find a tonne of info around here. Let us know if you have specific questions. And welcome. :slight_smile:

Nice! Welcome on board.


Where is the word are you?

What stage of your career are you at?
Just trying to learn more about UX, I’m someone that has issue sustaining interest but I hope that this will really be something that I will stick to!

What are your current challenges?
Just figuring out UX is all about. I’ve watched a couple of introduction videos in UX and dabble with Adobe XD a bit, but overall still clueless what UX is about.

What aspect/s of UX are you passionate about?
I guess the process of learning Adobe XD? Since that is all I have done.

Cats or dogs?
Cats! I was chased by my neighbour’s dog when I was a child and that scared me.


Grrrr! I’m sorry that happened. Welcome. No one will chase you around here. :upside_down_face:


Cool! I’m visiting Singapore for the first time in a couple of weeks. Very exciting!



Where in the world are you?
The Nashville area. Recently moved to nearby Smyrna, and work in Franklin.

What stage of your career are you at?
At the point when I’m wondering, what’s next? How can I grow? Been doing this for a while, seem to be excelling, according to my employers. Can’t complain at all about the pay or title, but I’m looking for ways to continuously improve, as well as connect with a larger UX community, and maybe, just maybe, share some things I’ve learned.

What are you current challenges?
I do a lot of application and interaction design…far beyond the level of online-shopping-experience-type stuff. Like, complex applications in the healthcare industry. It’s REALLY hard to find sufficient design patterns, or even other UXers to consult (or commiserate) with.

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
I like it all. I like trying to think like the user, and creating real-world workflows that make sense to them. I like being creative with the interactions, applying old standards in new ways–or inventing them altogether when needed.

Cats or dogs?
I definitely relate more to cats, but because I have kids, “dogs” was the friendlier option. They’re basically like toddlers themselves.


We gotcha covered. Welcome.

I’m curious about this! I have kids and chose cats for the same reason. Can you elaborate?


Where in the world are you?
Edinburgh, Scotland

What stage of your career are you at?
Worked in digital marketing for 15 years and now considering a sideways shuffle to UX.

What are your current challenges?
Trying to figure out the seemingly unending topics of UX and what areas I’m best suited to. Guess just have to start ‘doing’ to work it out.

What aspect/s of UX are you passionate about?
Being on the side of the user. Persuading business that their needs have to align with the users more. Still figuring out why this isn’t the default position!

Cats or dogs?
Grew up with cats then we picked up a homeless big gentle Lab/Alsatian lump called Vader, who won me over to dogs. Although still despise the little yappy ones!


Well, just because it’s easier to find a dog than a cat that can tolerate (or even show affection for) children. Even my old chihuahuas let my 2-year-old pick them up without reacting in self-defense, whereas a cat just won’t have any of it if they don’t like it. The same 2-year-old recently tried to just pet a neighbor’s indoor cat, and she clawed her across the face. That’s not to say I haven’t met my share of loving cats…I have, but they’re just more rare :slight_smile:


Ah right, gotcha. I think that probably comes down to the breed of cat (and dog).


Welcome @richal75
I’d love to visit Scotland one day but I fear I wouldn’t be able to understand anyone!


Don’t worry my accent is more: rather than



Where in the world are you?
** What stage of your career are you at?**
What are you current challenges?
Long list
What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
optimizing usability and accessibility
Cats or dogs?


Welcome Rowan. Anything we can help with?


I´m new to UX and is overwhelming all the information that is out there…hard to find the right direction


Where in the world are you?
I currently reside in Blacksburg, VA
What stage of your career are you at?
Early stages of my career. I spent 2 years as a Content Developer for a start up and have spent the past 7 months as a Web Applications Developer for a large consultancy based out of Northern VA.
What are your current challenges?
Finding opportunities in my area for moving up in my career and finding events/networking opportunities in the UX field in my area as well.
What aspect/s of UX are you passionate about?
I love getting to work with people; whether it’s listening to a person’s problem they’re facing or being faced with a challenge, UX gives you that opportunity to find out what the problem is, dive deeper into understanding the user, and finding solutions to everyday problems.
Cats or dogs?
Dogs definitely!


So very true. Welcome!