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Hello everyone,
I am from Japan but living in Sydney Australia
I have recently changed my career from a Web designer to UX/UI designer.

  • Where in the world are you?
    New York
  • What stage of your career are you at?
    3 Years experience in Graphic design and trying to transition into the the UX field
  • What are you current challenges?
    Lack of solid UX case study and general skills to grasp the UX concept.
  • What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
    Solving problems and creating products that are good for the business and users.
  • Cats or dogs?


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Have you tried some online courses?

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Where in the world are you?
Stockholm, Sweden at the moment

What stage of your career are you at?
A few years in, started as a UI designer and progressed to UX design

What are you current challenges?
Working as the only UX designer in a tech company…its a great challenge and I love it but some days its exhausting to be focusing on my work process and way of working so much of the time as opposed to actual design work.

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
I love solving a tricky user flow and finding a simple solution to a long discussed problem. I love asking BUT WHY several times a day to help us all focus on why we are building a feature in the first place.

Cats or dogs?
Cats! They cuddly.


Truer words were never spoken!


Hello everyone,
I have been to this community for two weeks and a starter in UX industry.
Where in the world are you?

  • I am a student studying in Finland. I have been living in Finland for 3 years. :slight_smile:
    What stage of your career are you at?
  • I am looking for a job, or an internship to finish my graduation. I have no experience in UX design.
    What are you current challenges?
  • Since I am quite new to UX, maybe 2 months. It is quite lost for me. I have to learn and read more about UX. It would be appreciated if anyone can help me where and what to start. I have studied some online courses for UX, but it is quite theoretical. I want to find projects to practice my skills and receive feedbacks, I think this community is a nice place for me.
    What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
    -I like problem solving and doing research to find best solution.
    Cats or dogs?
    -I am dog lover :slight_smile:


Would this help?


I’m actually a full stack so i do both frontend and backend. I’ve come to really appreciate UX cus I feel it has a real impact on how users enjoy using a product. I’m actually learning more about UX and how other people handle UX. I hope to really learn from the community


Hi everyone,

Nice to meet you!

Where in the world are you?
I’m from Lisbon, Portugal.

What stage of your career are you at?
Currently I’m working has an software developer for more than 12 years now, and I’m eager to do a change career to the magic world of UX. :smiley:

What are your current challenges?
I’m trying to figured out how do I make the change. I’m still very new to the UX world and I’m overwhelm by the amount of information that I’ve found related to this field.

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
I think that during my career I was always intrigue by the fact that a lot of companies don’t apply UX Design processes in their products and that’s why I’ve started to wonder why. I’ve always like to know the why and how things are made and try to understand how the user interacts with the product. So, I think UX Design is ideal to me. So here I am in this new crazy dream. :wink:

Cats or dogs?
I’m more of a cat person, but I like dogs. :slight_smile:

Cheers, João


Welcome João!


Thank you! :slight_smile:


Where in the world are you?
I’m from Naples, Italy

What stage of your career are you at?
Right now I’m in charge of the corporate web department of the company, precisely I’m a full stack developer with a strong orientation to usability and behavioral interaction.

What are you current challenges?
I’m looking for the metrics that create the bridge between behavioral analysis and statistical data, and make them legible and analysable.
My goal is to understand how to make communication between different subjects linear.

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
It makes me happy and satisfied to see that people are happy using a working tool and that consequently creates results defined in the design phase

Cats or dogs?
Until recently i would have answered DOG! now having a cat at home, and i have to tell you DOG!


Where in the world are you?

Northern New Jersey, USA. I know you are picturing city, but I actually live in a town rural enough that they don’t deliver the mail.

What stage of your career are you at?

This is my 3rd career. I used to do ocean modeling, which is basically scientific visualization. Then I was a theater professional with a specialty in actor-created physical comedy. I just finished an MI program with an Informatics and Design. I’m working part-time creating a prototype visual search system for the Dodge Poetry Foundation Archive and looking for full-time work.

What are your current challenges?

I’m unsure how to find the “right” job. I get contacted by lots of recruiters, but without being able to check out the company directly it’s hard to tell. The job boards (Monster, etc.) also seem to be flooded by recruiters. Are all companies going through recruiters now? Or have I just not found the right in? I’d also like help with my resume and portfolio.

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?

Interviewing users and determining their needs and prototyping.

Cats or dogs?

Cats for sure. I have a knack for choosing cats who will sit with me all the time-- but can take care of themselves if I don’t come home. :slightly_smiling_face:


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