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Time to actually post something on the forum!

Where in the world are you?
Currently in Bournemouth, UK

What stage of your career are you at?
I’ve only discovered UX not so long ago. I’m currently finishing my master’s degree in Communication and I’m trying to somehow integrate some UX practices into my course. I need to start working on my portfolio and get my first internship in the field. Good luck me.
What are your current challenges?
I need to build some confidence in this field. It’s been a little tough as I don’t have a mentor, I don’t really know a lot of people in the field, I don’t have a structure to help me learn what I need to learn so I feel a bit lost at times and I’m worried I’m never going to feel ready to actually apply for jobs.
Another challenge of mine is to find a way to convince some official people that a degree in media arts and in communication definitely is a good fit for a job in design. I’ve been planning to move back to the country I was living in prior to starting my master’s degree in the UK but visa requirements are getting tougher.
What aspect/s of UX are you passionate about?
I like humans, I like getting to know them. I feel very fascinated by the fact that my personal opinion doesn’t always match the majority. Finding ways to improve things is very satisfying. I also like the combination of UX with UI design. I like it when things have proper reasons for being the way they are.
Cats or dogs?
If I were an animal, I’d probably be a cat but I prefer hanging out with dogs.

I’m happy I found this community :blush:


It definitely is. Congratulations and welcome! :slight_smile:

Now you know a lot! We’re glad you found us, too. :hugging:


Welcome @Yappy and @asabryndis44

Woohoo! Pleased to hear it. :slight_smile:


I am Russel
Where in the world are you?
Philippines Manila
What stage of your career are you at?
3 years work experience in a recruitment agency, but I’m in the I.T department and we currently developing an interactive recruitment information system.
What are you current challenges?
Deadline on this system, I need a way to fast on developing the system and have a good feedback.
Hard to deploy cause the investor was less knowledge on computer, oldish around 50 plus.
What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
I’m new on UX but may mentor said its powerful on our developing system
Cats or dogs?
dogs - :slight_smile: so loyal and playful stress reliever


Where in the world are you?
I currently reside in Baltimore, Maryland (USA).

What stage of your career are you at?
I currently work for the government as a Systems Administrator.

What are you current challenges?
Current challenge I have right now is to find an online UX Bootcamp that won’t conflict with work.

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
Not sure yet…


I bet that can be interesting at times!

Welcome. :slight_smile:


Where in the world are you?
Dallas, TX, USA

What stage of your career are you at?
I still feel like a novice; and, I used to do a lot of these things for fun. (Weekend side projects if you will.) I suppose senior when you get down to it.

What are your current challenges?
I became a consultant last year, so every few months, I have to adapt to an all new client and environment. At the moment, it’s developing recommendations for regular user testing.

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
I love mobile experience; I really enjoy the challenges and rewards. I also love being able to act as a liaison with development and design, having worked in both worlds.

Cats or dogs?
BOTH! I have a dog and 4 cats.


Howdy! I’m waving at you from Austin! :wink:


New York, NY
Finding a generalist position with a strong UX/UI component
IA and interaction design


Where in the world are you?
Bangalore, Inda

What stage of your career are you at?
I have 8+ years of work experience. Was into 3D production as a texturing artist, Worked for a magazine as senior layout artist. Currently into Web designing, UI/UX for the past 4 years.

What are your current challenges?
Learning new UX challenges, implementing UX into Virtual reality and Augmented reality. And learning new user experience techniques.

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
Its a process where we can experiment new functionalities and solve a user centric problem.

Cats or dogs?
Dogs. Have 2 dogs named Batman & Bumble…


Hi there,

UX in VR/AR is a really exciting area for the future, feel free to share share any posts / links in the forum.




Hello everyone! I was browsing around for an online community that could provide me with some guidance as I move forward, my mind set on a UX career!

  • So I’m from the tiny country of Denmark.
  • I’m at the very infant stage of my UX career.
  • My current challenge is trying to smack together a decent portfolio in hopes of getting hired in the near future.
  • I am most interested in the user interaction design aspects of UX, but I hope to also become adapt at creating beautiful things.
  • As for cat v. dog, it depends so much. If I have a lot of time to walk the dog, then dog for sure. If I have less time, cat, but I don’t want the cat to be an indoor-cat, so traffic is also something I take into consideration.


Hi @skodt6!

Welcome aboard. You’re in the right place. Here’s a link to the portfolio tagged threads. There may be useful information for you there.

Also, here’s a good read.

Let us know if you need help finding anything. :slight_smile:


Welcome, @skodt6! How is the UX market for our European friends?


Yo @dougcollins, thanks for the welcome. I’m hoping to find out how the market is, but there is no shortage of job postings. Plan to work hard on that portfolio. :wink:


Sure Paddy, Will share articles on VR/AR…




What stage of your career are you at?
Currently studying A Levels (Sociology, Law, Spanish, PRE - Philosophy Religion and Ethics) I’m really interested in UX design and need some advice on how to get into the field - when I don’t study art!

What are you current challenges?
Getting started

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
I’m passionate about studying the human interaction with certain products and websites, because it’s interesting how certain layouts can totally change someone’s perception of a company

Cats or dogs?
Can I say both? I used to have a dog.

Any tips on how to start my portfolio? Any free software I could try? Anything would help!
:grinning: :rose:


Just saw this - looks really interesting!


Yup – all our portfolio resources are gathered together under the portfolio tag that Piper mentions.
Welcome. :slight_smile: