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@a_kastrisios Empathy is the number 1 quality a good UX’er needs. If you’re starting there already, you’re on the right track.



For screen recording I used ‘Silverback’ (it was a desktop application).

It records the screen, highlights the user clicks and also records their voice and image.

I would suggest getting an external Mic, I found the sound from my laptop was poor when testing.

Don’t forget to clear the browser cache between test subjects.



I love this.

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Hello everyone
My name is Jason and I’m wanting to transition into a UX career
Currently work in logistics sales in the Caribbean - great weather!!
I am a driven self starter and think this career would be a welcome change
I possess an MBA and just finished my Six Sigma Green Belt from Villanova University (continuous improvement) i would like to start a boot camp and get the necessary skill set needed. What else is recommended to break into the field? I will continue to work full time during my transition
Please help - advice needed!!


Hey Jason, welcome.


You could start with some online courses if you’re self motivated. The ones with start ratings have been reviewed.

We’ve also reviewed some of the more popular bootcamps here.

The key really is getting experience. Do as many projects as you can and document them so that you have something solid from which to build a portfolio.

  1. Where in the world are you?: College Station, Texas
  2. What stage of your career are you at? Finishing up PhD in Human Factors & Cognitive Systems
  3. What are you current challenges? Getting job placement in UX Research from a school that has no design focus.
  4. What aspect/s of UX are passionate about? I’m a diehard human factors engineer.
  5. Cats or dogs?: Currently? Cats. No time for dog upkeep


Wow, that’s awesome. Congratulations.


Hello all! :grinning: Glad to join this community!

####Where in the world are you?
Boston, MA
####What stage of your career are you at?
I graduated from college as a Computer Science major earlier this year. I accepted the only job offer I had near college as a Web developer, but I’m more excited about design. I had web design experience in intern and freelancing before. I think that UX has more control over the product overall, from a higher level in terms of the relationship between product and users. I used to make wireframe and prototype as a phase of web design for clients before, but I wanted to know more about the process before already making wireframes. Questions like how to know in this product what functions exactly the users want to implement? How to test if the interactions designed are comfortable for the users?

So I took UCSD’s Interaction design Specialization on Coursera since April, hoping to get a more systematic insight about it. Now I have only one course (Designing, Running, and Analyzing Experiments) and the Capstone Project (which will only be available after finishing all the previous courses) left. The last course focuses on using R to analyze experimental data, which doesn’t seem to be what I’ll work on but I’ll finish it anyway! Now I’ve moved to Boston and I hope to find a UX internship to get more practical knowledge and more exposure on the UX world.

####What are you current challenges?
My current challenge is that I feel a bit lost towards the end of the specialization. I’m not sure how to convince the hiring managers that I have UX experience and huge interest so that they would offer me an opportunity to work on UX design.

####What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
I‘m excited about the part that I can understand users’ needs and give solutions that are better than current ones (or simply understand the current solution’s advantages and disadvantages). When finishing the Coursera course assignments, the excitement I haven’t felt for a long time came back. I enjoy when doing one-on-one interview how the interviewee can give me thoughts I can never sympathize before; I enjoy making persona and journey map that put together users’ information in case any obvious details slip out of my mind; I enjoy the initial creation of prototype that can seem crude but through testing and iterating it becomes better. :blush:

####Cats or dogs?
More of a dog person, but because currently renting an apt., both unlikely to have :frowning:


Welcome :slight_smile:

It’s not an uncommon dilemma. Is there a UX team in the organisation that you’re working for?


Hi Hawk,

There isn’t a UX team in the company I’m working for. It has rather small size mostly rely on developers. I’m hoping to get a new internship on UX here in Boston.


Where in the world are you? United Kingdom
What stage of your career are you at? 18+ years in interactive/digital/new media/multimedia/web (name has changed a lot along the way) Was a developer, last 5 years a Project Manager.
What are you current challenges? Keeping everyone happy, and getting things user friendly (and accessible), converting well and did I say keeping everyone happy?
What aspect/s of UX are passionate about? accessibility. Problem solving.
Cats or dogs? Bunnies


Hello everyone!! :smiley:

Where in the world are you?
Manila, Philippines

What stage of your career are you at?
6yrs Graphic Designer

What are you current challenges?
Transitioning from a graphic designer to a more UX role

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
Sticky notes in the wall and sketchnoting!

Cats or dogs?
I love both! but I love cats first. :smile_cat:


Out of interest what’s the web scene like in the Philippines with regards to UX/UI work?


You’re not leaving missy!!! :smiley:


I forgot to fill this when I first signed up, so here we go!

Where in the world are you?
Reykjavík, Iceland

What stage of your career are you at?
Heh, square one. I discovered UX last autumn, when looking into doing more UI/graphic stuff and fell in love. I graduated with a BA in Architecture last spring and have been an intern at a Arch. studio since. I’ve been using my free time to research UX, particularly for the last couple of months, and want to break into the industry.

What are you current challenges?
Welp, I have no direct experience or education, except for what I’ve been reading by myself online for weeks now. I intend to take some more focused online courses, still wading through the selection. I learnt how to use Sketch as well recently and intend to add more programs to my arsenal. Also, being 6 months pregnant is probably somewhat of a challenge!

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
I’ve always been big on researching and getting to the core of things, learning the ‘why’ and finding solutions. I also want to do work that impacts the environment in some way, to have some tangible results. And being able to interact with the user is so appealing, how that can affect the design and being able to iterate the process. UX seems to marry all this beautifully together, not to mention the UI design that can be layered on top, but I also really enjoy that. This just seems like the complete package to me: research+interaction+visual design.

Cats or dogs?
Dogs, for sure :slight_smile: Doubt I’ll ever have one though, but I prefer their energy over cats.


I’m no pro to tell this, but as far as I know, UX/UI in Philippines is still young. Some companies still don’t know what UX is about. Some UX practitioners that I’ve talked with, mentioned that resistance is always present when proposing to a company, especially research stage may cost them a lot.