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Hi All

Where in the world are you?
I’m from Pune, India

What stage of your career are you at?
starting my career with Graphic design and now i am working as Product development designer

What are you current challenges?
multiple users thoughts on same design updating with traditional to advance patterns

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
to convey user for their next move

Cats or dogs?

it’s very nice to meet you here

Best Regards
Vinayak Kulkarni


Hi Vinayak,


That sounds frustrating. Would you tell us more? Folks may have some good ideas for you.

Again, welcome to the community.



Thank you, Hawk! =)

I don’t have much experience in the job market for designers, but recently, there was an UX Conference here and there was a very interesting presentation by Ana Coli about it.

Here’s the link (in portuguese - BR):

There was a research which had 472 responses.

In summary,

  • 60% of the respondents were male and 40% were female
  • 37% os designers are working at big companies, 24% at agencies and 15% at startups.
  • 54% percent are located at São Paulo
  • The most common name of job position here is “UX Designer”, but other names are also used, such as “Interaction Designer” , “Information Architect”, “Usability Analyst”.
  • The adoption of Design Sprint is growing fast here in Brazil
  • The range of salary is between $4001 BRL and $7000 BRL

Still, there are companies that don’t see the benefits of having an UX team, but at the moment that they see that a startup that has the team made a huge breakthrough, big companies start to think about having an UX team for innovation.

Also, there are companies that inflate the job description for an UX Designer position, they also require HTML/CSS/JavaScript knowledge and +3 to +5 years of experience in UX. So, there aren’t many entry level or internship for UX design which is sad.

And you? Where are you from and how is the job market for designer there? =)

Kind regards,


I’m from NZ. The market here is healthy, although I haven’t been a designer or a developer for years now. These days I’m an online community consultant, and the market is dire. Luckily I work 100% remotely for organisations in other parts of the world. :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! My name is Danny

Where in the world are you?

  • I currently live in Brooklyn.

What stage of your career are you at?

  • I recently left my business development career because I was really unsatisfied with the work I was doing. Now I am helping my friends build up their new restaurant while I figure out what really interests me and what I want to do. Until recently, I discovered UX and I am fascinated by it.

What are you current challenges?

  • Figuring out how to get started in the UX industry. I plan on taking a bootcamp this upcoming fall after I familiarize myself with as much UX material as I can.

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?

  • I am really interested in the creative and psychological elements to this field. I love how the work requires you to figure out how to create the best experience possible for the customer/audience. It is something I’ve always loved doing in my previous jobs.

Cats or dogs?

  • Dogs all the way!


Hey all,

The book club kicked me over the edge of joining - so hello!

• I’m based between Denver, CO & Raleigh/Durham, NC.
• I’ve been in marketing, data science and web design for a decade but never called it UX. I’m now working on learning from start to finish of the process.
• Passion - optimization, testing and tying user needs with business goals
• Dogs


Hi All :slight_smile:

Where in the world are you?
I am currently in Mumbai, India (between hopping countries - Australia then USA… Next destination awaits)

What stage of your career are you at?
I am new to UX, shifting my career path from interior designing (10yrs experience in ID)

What are you current challenges?
My current challenges would be creating a good portfolio which can get me a entry level job in UX to kick start my career in UX (hoping to be back is australia)

I have joined a couple of courses in Udemy and thinking of joining Interaction Design Foundation.

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?

I recently did a 3 months internship with a company in Mumbai and during that process, I loved creating wireframes, and the process of IA. I enjoyed doing UX audits and also was fascinated with the whole human interaction process and providing solutions. Also I am very outgoing and love the opportunity of interacting with a wide range of people.

Cats or dogs?

Definetly Dogs!! I did have a pet and that was the best thing which happened to me (childhood days). They are just so precious :smiley:


Me, too!


You’re in the right place to get good advice.

Welcome to all three of you dog lovers. :slight_smile:


Where in the world are you? Toronto, Ontario, Canada
What stage of your career are you at? No stage, not even the beginning lol (research stage)
What are you current challenges? How to break into UX with no experience, no degree in design or industry experience
What aspect/s of UX are passionate about? Understanding and studying human behaviour as well as beautiful design
Cats or dogs?Cats


Hi y’all. It so good to finally found a community of people with the same passions and interest as I am.
@HAWK asked us to tell us our deepest, darkest secrets so I’ll go full on and say mine.


  • Balanga City, Bataan. Philippines.

A country where UX opportunities are still scarce for me to get into my dreams, there’s still stigma on people studying online courses vs real world colleges (they don’t really know my problems and my motivations why I switched to online courses), and where there’s lack of support both on the government, education curriculum and people’s mindset on creative artistry which makes motivations for myself three times hard

  • That stage where you’re proving to your parents that online courses is the best for your career breakout than BS college so they’ll finally let you

  • Oh I’m telling you, I have many

  1. Beside’s my parent’s approval, I have a much greater problem ahead of that…

  2. I’m actually considering UX Academy of Design Lab (@harish), UX Academy not their shorter courses, because I’m attracted to their platform style of education (like you’re paying for the whole experience of a virtual Ivy League type of University College but solely for UX Design, tho that’s still unproven bc there’s still no 3rd party reviews). Career Services and guarantee of job. But it’s the price that does hold me back. See $5999 may be a cheap and affordable investment for y’all maybe most Americans here, but for person like me living in a developing country like the Philippines, it’s still as much of a grand of buying a car…
    (you maybe thinking, why not just pick GA or Coursera, or IDF, or UX Training. Of course it all on my options bc of financial aspects, but as I’ve said above, the aspect of platform as an education, and the Career Services is what makes me attracted to this program. And also I don’t just want to learn by watching series of videos, I want to work exercises, feel the rigor and intense pressure of work, and meet and talk to new people like my co crits and mentors)

  3. Which also brought us to my first and third challenge, proving the legibility of this program to my parents because of it’s cost. I’m pretty sure the cost of this program is much expensive than I finish my 4 year CS course here on our nearby college. And I’ll just sit here in my front of my computer (than do what a normal college student do) and I’ll just do it in 6 months. I still don’t know how can I afford but I really want it to happen that’ll maybe I’m thinking of setting up a crowdfunding or finding a scholarship sponsor from anyone near me…

  4. Oh I told you I got many, I even got an inexistent problem today. My fourth problem is on the end of my course, which is the Career Services, which is I told you inexistent today because I’m not yet enrolled lol. But it still haunts me because it’s what my future career depends on. As you’ve known, the program is really expensive for me. but let say I overcome that financial hurdle and really did got enrolled on the program, I got to worry if i’ll be guaranteed of a job after this because it turns out there’s no really guarantee of a career on international students because you have to attend certain networking events, got to meet with your career coach too, which expects me to be in certain US cities, and some other select cities in the world. Which is I am not and also I’m still incapable of flying again for financial aspects, and there’s still prerequisites that I need to be 21 and living in the US (which is also my dream) to be able to work in the US. I even got no passport or Visa at this time?!? Here’s the link to the policies, you can find what I’m saying about below…

  5. Which bring us to my fifth problem, that I should expect my parents to be expecting me to really have a job (or atleast try) for all that expense we paid. At these time they still didn’t know all the prerequisites, but when time comes or if they ever red that I still need to defend and convince them about that

  6. Whatever I’ll just set up a crowdfunding I guess to fund myself, or find a scholarship sponsor

  • The art of it actually. But mainly how it could drive people’s culture, behaviour, to be productive and do more, and produces solutions and finally the art of making the computers just work synchronous together with humans. Computers and mainly it’s interfaces that let us interacts with it has never been so important than ever before. I want to be part of that and drive change to so many people

  • Cats all the way!! Cats are hundred times more friendlier, much cute and adorable, loving to it’s owner, and tame than dogs. I just love that they’re just mostly sleep, eat, defecate, be soft than dogs chewing all the things and causing havocs

I’m sorry if I’m too talkative and produces answer more long than what it’s appropriate. And that I gave so many problems to be asked than to just say a few hi’s. @HAWK asked us to tell us our darkest secrets so I did and just be myself and as honest as possible. And I’m also just excited to finally finding this community in the interwebs maybe that’s because I’m like this. No worries if you can’t directly answer it here yet since this is just a watercooler and not a career advice, maybe I’ll invite you to a separate link thread for you to help me as I also really want to transfer that into a separate thread, and also maybe tell my story and goals and maybe get some help in here. I red a few threads and I know you really help people so maybe you’ll help me



Mabuhay @iamiansteven! Having family in the Philippines I’m aware of the problems you have to face there. All I can tell you is that you don’t have to prove anything to anybody other than yourself. God willing you will find your path. Success is happiness and you will only be successful if you do what it is that you love. The job market for UX is a little scarce but they do exist. If you can get to Cebu which isn’t too far away from where you are you can get in contact with some people: - Cebu meetup - Cebu UX courses,-Central-Visayas#email_alert_modal - Cebu jobs

Get yourself a stepping stone job and go from there. It’s doable and with everything that you want, it will take hard work and perseverance. Believe me anything is possible


@iamiansteven - Welcome to the community. I think you’ll find a lot of help and support here.

I don’t have much to add to what @annabelle_andre said except maybe take a deep breath. All these problems don’t have to be solved today which, if you think about it, is a relief.

You’re already doing research so you may have already found this but here’s something that may help.

I do have a suggestion for you though. You can also join our book club.


Hello everyone,

Where in the world are you? I am from Colombo, Sri Lanka.

What stage of your career are you at? Shifted career from product manager to UX, but always loved Design. 18 months experience and managing a small talented team.

**What are your current challenges?**My current challenges are employing a lean UX process withing the company while also showing the gain of UX through metrics

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?

I love it when the interface is super easy to use. Enjoy doing UX reviews of products as well.

Cats or dogs? Dogs


Love it. If only I could influence everyone this easily!

Thanks for trusting us enough to share so freely. I respect that. It sounds like you have a pretty challenging path ahead. How can we support you?


Welcome. :slight_smile:
You need to connect with @amanda_stockwell


I live and work in Sydney, Australia.
I’m an old school oracle software developer (20 years, so long!) planning a major career shift into UX Design.
I feel outdated, intimidated by the vastness of technology today, and nervous I won’t be able to catch up.
Finally, being an effective part of making something that users want, need and that delights them is a real privilege.
Dogs or cats, unconditional love is the best kind.


Welcome, @monicapike! Use your technical knowledge to be the liaison between UX designers who aren’t comfortable working with developers.


I think you’re in the right place to build your confidence.


Hey Monica,
Great to see you here (I think we emailed this morning when I broke Slack).

I hear you. I did 15 years of .net before I had my kids and then moved back into tech. Things have changed a LOT!

That said (and as Julia pointed out), I have unique skills in that I bridge a gap – and you’ll be the same. Glad you’re here.


Im Erin McCool, from Pennsauken, NJ I just finished David Travis’ Ultimate Guide to UX and Usability on Udemy it was wonderful and im getting my portfolio pieces together now. Any tips on finding an entry level job would be helpful. Current challenges: career transitioning into the field. And I’m passionate about learning what drives users so that i can create a great experience for them that is as stress free as possible. Cats or dogs: both. my family had a dog when i was a baby but cats after that. and my current apt doesnt allow pets.