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Excited to be here!

I’m in Austin, TX. I’ve been designing for 17 years, and began moving more into UX 10 years ago because I really love understanding people and making something that is useful and enjoyable for them.


Hey Wendy, cool to hear from you. Are you working in an agency or a larger organisation?


I work for a consumer product company, we’re about 600 people, but a very
small product design team of 6. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! Super stoked to be here and to have found the UX field. :slight_smile:

Where in the world are you?
Tiny Texas Town, USA.

What stage of your career are you at?
The trying-to-enter-UX-ASAP stage. :wink:

My background: I have a PhD in an experimental psychology field. However, I realized that I also had interests in tech that I would never have time to explore (and would regret not exploring) if I stayed on the psych track. So, after wrapping up the doctorate, I’ve worked in an applied org research role at a university during the day (surveys and focus groups and interviews and statistics, oh my!), helped evaluate search engine algorithms part-time for another company at night, and have taken classes and/or independently studied web development, SEO, a/b testing, etc., when I wasn’t doing either of those things. (It’s been…busy!) Somewhere in the midst of doing all of this, I discovered UX and everything suddenly “clicked”. Never thought I’d “stumble” upon a new career ambition but, hey, life’s full of surprises.

What are you current challenges?
I would say two things.

First, there’s the hurry-up-and-learn grind (have read Albert & Tullis’s Measuring the User Experience and am currently reading Baxter, Courage, and Caine’s Understanding Your Users and Lebson’s UX Careers Handbook). However, that has more to do with my own patience than a legit “challenge” per se. It’s hard being patient when you’re excited to do something now. :slight_smile:

Second, there’s the job search. I’m very strong research-wise, but everyone seems to also want a designer with a portfolio and “stories to tell”. I know that employers are projecting the “unicorn” ideal out there, but…I’m just not accustomed to applying for things without meeting at least half or most of the criteria. So, that’s been discouraging, and is largely why I’ve only been able to send out a couple of applications so far so my areas of interest (Denver, Austin, Seattle, Plano so far). Design is definitely next on the professional development list.

What aspects of UX are you passionate about?
I’m a research geek, so naturally UX research methodology will always be an interest. Apart from that, though, I am interested in accessibility, design, and information architecture.

Cats or dogs?
Oof, well, I have a Shiba Inu who is cat-like and a Maine Coon who is dog-like, so…to me, they’re basically the same soul and I cannot choose.


I love Shibas! I had one when I was younger, and she was a hell of a dog.

I, too, have a cat that is a bit dog like-- she’s the only cat I’ve ever met that will come when you whistle for her. It’s convenient when I can’t find her, which is all too common even though I live in a smaller house.

Anywho, welcome to the club!


How do you like working on a small team?


My cats do that too! (They’re Burmese and brothers so it’s not wholly surprising.) I love whistling at the front door and seeing them both charging across backyards or down trees to come home.


Hey Jade, great to hear from you.

Heh, you obviously love learning!

Have you thought about approaching a school/museum/church/not-for-profit and taking on a side project pro-bono? That will help with narrowing down the focus on where you need to upskill, and will also give you something solid with which to start your portfolio?

And welcome – so glad you’re here.


Nice! I agree that Shibas are awesome dogs–but when it comes to responding to commands outside, my cat easily outperforms my dog. By a mile. Inside they’re pretty much even, but only if treats are involved (Shibas won’t do anything unless you give them a reason to, as you know! :slight_smile:) Nice to meet you!


Thanks, HAWK! I do love learning, but also love doing and producing results. :slight_smile: It’s nice to meet you, and I’m so glad to have access to this community!

I wouldn’t say I’ve been successful thus far in reaching out to others for pro-bono work. I have found that people have either been too busy to consider it or are quick to realize that changes may be recommended down the road, and that they’ll be too busy to do that. Thus, it’s difficult to document a process I can use when people aren’t willing to go through the process. :slight_smile: I’ll keep trucking, though. Someone is bound to say yes eventually.


Hi everyone!

Where in the world are you? Michigan, USA.

What stage of your career are you at? The not-really-recognized-as-being-a-UX-person stage. I work in QA – I think it has a lot of overlap with UX but I’m not sure if I can get employers to feel the same way. :slight_smile:

What are your current challenges? Just learning all I can, and working on getting some practical experience. Ideally I’m hoping to be able to move into a UX position without feeling like I’m starting my career all over at square one.

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about? I’ve just always been way more about what people can do with technology and how they do it, than with the nuts and bolts. Very much hoping to be involved with the early stages of creating products, rather than coming it at the end and “breaking” them as I do now. I’m particularly into information architecture and content strategy.

Cats or dogs? I have one of each, but I think the dog understands me more.


I have someone I’m working to get into the UX world, who’s planning on going the QA-to-UX route. Any advice you’d give to someone looking to travel the same path as you?

Also, welcome to the club!


Thanks! I’m kind of just starting on the path myself, so I don’t know if I have much in the way of useful advice. Sounds like they’ve got an advocate in UX (i.e. you) so that’s a good start! Otherwise – just learn all you can, take some classes (online if nothing else) and look for ways to worm your way into UX experience.


Welcome @spheley! :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! Just joined and I am so excited to be part of this community!

Thought I’d answer and share a bit about me!

Where in the world are you?
Currently in San Diego, CA. Originally from Montevideo, Uruguay.

What stage of your career are you at?
Recently graduated, currently a Digital Analyst at a Hispanic Digital Agency (1 year).

What are you current challenges?
Current challenges are getting the right experience to be able to break into the field of UX.

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
I am most passionate about User Research, Usability Analyst, Information Architecture and UI Design.

Cats or dogs?

I am excited to connect and learn from everyone on this forum :slight_smile:



Finally! Someone got this question right!


Welcome @dfontes21 !

You seem to be on the right path for breaking into the world of UX that is for sure as what you’ve been doing for the past year at your current agency can be applied directly to the field :slight_smile:

Not sure about the cats answer cough dogs cough but they are fluffy!

Let me know if you have any questions!



Haha. Love this. Yes they are.


Hey, Diego! Welcome… I’m in LA. California is a great place for UX (I’m in my job search phase now…). Chris


Hello, my former neighbor! I used to live in North County (Escondido area).

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile: