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  • Where in the world are you?
    Los Angeles, California
  • What stage of your career are you at?
    Changing my career from content marketing and market research to UX design - so, I’m studying.
  • What are you current challenges?
    Deciding which courses/programs I should go through next, that will be of value yet won’t put me in further debt; most importantly, making a portfolio ASAP.
  • What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
    Talking with/testing with users to shape a product based on their feedback, actual needs and behaviors. Getting to create something, be a part of design and innovation. Using some of my natural thinking and communication processes that are underutilized now. Being in a field that I’d be excited to one day be a leader in, should the opportunity arise.
  • Cats or dogs?
    Why is there an “or?”


I love this!

Welcome Laura – so glad you found us.

  • Shanghai, China
  • Mid-Career for years spent working, waffling around awkwardly between Jr and Mid-Level in actual career standing
  • Over-educated and under-experienced. I haven’t been able to find fertile ground to experience good UI/UX design and development methodology.
  • I want to make everything better and more efficient. From which order I use products in the shower in the morning to how many milliseconds it should take to expand an image on a kinetic wall.
  • Both, but currently this little guy:


Welcome to fertile ground!

Your puppy is adorable.


Where in the world are you?

What stage of your career are you at?
Changing my career path from product to ux…I’m unemployed at the moment and trying to find employment. I’m a baby UX’er, recently completed a 3-month course through GetSmarter and the University of Cape Town … However, I have 4 years of “e-com Product” under my belt and many of my responsibilities were UX in their essence and execution.
I have no formal design background or education, but I do have taste!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

What are your current challenges?
Finding a job;
Creating a portfolio;
Knowledge - e.g. RE best practices for certain intended outcomes through the use of certain visual elements etc…

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
I’m passionate about making peoples lives better, easier, and simpler with the various (evolving) technological arsenal we have at our disposal. I’m passionate about inclusive design, because, no one should be an afterthought, or, unable to do something for themselves because they have not been equipped to do so. I’m passionate about making the complex, simpler… I’m passionate about the future of our Humanity..

Cats or dogs?
Dogs if I must choose, and just by cuddle association… I still love kitties though, and here is a fun fact my mother had 9 at one point, and I’m allergic, and yes… I lived there :smirk:!!!




SAMOYED!!!:clap:t2::+1:t2: I approve!!! You can stay :slight_smile:


Beautiful photo! Glad you’re here.



I´m from Prague, Czech Republic. Recently I work as a recruiter, however I´ve begun to learn UX to move away from HR. This area fascinates me and gets me closer to my original education, so I´m really excited. So as you might have guessed by now, I am a total beginner, still finding my way around, hence all of this is a challenge for me :slight_smile: I can´t say what aspects of UX are my passion just yet, but I love the idea that this is something useful, something, that can help people in their everyday life. And for the final question- I´m torn :smiley:


Hey Barbora – welcome! That’s cool, everyone starts from the beginning. Let us know how we can support you.

(And the correct answer is cats.)


Where in the world are you?
Groningen, the Netherlands

What stage of your career are you at?
I’ve got 4 years work experience on (ux) design and front-end development (Great combination of skills I think). Currently I’m working for a company that builds job- and recruitment websites. Awesome job, I’m the only UX designer. So that’s why I seek knowledge in communities.

What are you current challenges?
That I’m the only UX designer within my current company. So I don’t have many people the learn from. I’m gaining experience by doing.

What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?
Finding the golden opportunities to help people digitally.

Cats or dogs?
Dogs … I’ve got a King Charles Spaniel at home :slight_smile:

Feel free to ask any questions!


This is pretty common. I’d suggest starting a new topic to discuss the challenges of being a team of one!


Hello, fellow UX’ers,


I live in San Francisco Bay Area.

I am a UX newbie -an architect turned design historian looking to transition to UX Research.

My head is currently buried in making a brand-new web portfolio. The challenge I am facing is to narrate the story of academic research through the lens of UX.

I am passionate about humanizing technology, and making web-spaces less daunting for everyone entering it, especially the first-time users and the late-adopters.

Fishes. But also dogs. Because they don’t kill fishes.

  • I am currently in Dallas, Texas but just moved here from Tokyo, Japan.
  • Currently I am a Lead UX Designer / Architect (Hybrid with coding background).
  • Selling your ideas to the audience in USA is much more difficult than it was in Japan.
  • Implementation of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence into UX and UI workflows.
  • Both Cats and Dogs for me.

Nice to meet you all.


Welcome Mathew! How did you find us?

Sounds interesting!


I was searching for an active group to collaborate with on topics that have conflicting views. Somewhere to connect with others in a UX community. I was in Japan for 17 years and lost touch with everything for a while and thought this was a good place to start getting up to date on what’s new and popular in my native English speaking culture of design and UX, opposed to what’s in Asia which is on a different spectrum. :wink:


Introduction inbound!

I’m glad I found this group and am super excited to be a part of it and grow with so many people! Even though I’m starting out, any advice of help that I can give, I am more than happy to help.


Hey Everyone!

I live in Austin, TX but am currently planning my migration to San Francisco, CA in order to make a life change and pursue UX Design. I have lived in Austin my whole life and am looking forward to a (expensive) change in scenery!

I am currently a “Jack of all trades” at my current job. It is small men’s apparel company in Austin. With this I have gained some graphic design skills (Photoshop mainly), web designing, and people facing skills. I am now excited to slide into a more defined career!

My current challenges are making sure I have a job in SF to support me and to get accepted into a UX Design Program (looking at UC Berkeley Extension in April). I would love to get a job that could work along with my learning of UX. (Would love to connect if anyone has gone through this before!)

I am passionate about, the Human Behavior aspect of UX Design. I am facinated by what people do, why they do what they do, etc. I also love the idea that you get to cooperate with others to find issues in programs, websites, and apps (or anything really!) and make them optimized for the people who use them most. Excited to learn the tools that will help to do that!

If I was forced to choose it would be DOGS, but I love all animals!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I look forward to connecting.

p.s. I may have posted on here a while ago but life is different now so this may be an update!

  • Where in the world are you?
    Lisbon Portugal

  • What stage of your career are you at?
    UX Manager

  • What are you current challenges?
    Banking and academic

  • What aspect/s of UX are passionate about?

  • Cats or dogs?
    love them but have none


Love love love this. Welcome!

I visited Austin a couple of years ago. Such a cool city! SF is cool too – best of luck with the move.

I’m interested in this. Can you elaborate?